April Fools’ Day Birthday Wishes: Mix Fun and Love on their Special Day!


Happy April Fool?s Birthday! Today, your party can be real, or it can just be a prank!

Born on April Fool’s Day? Guaranteed to be a jokester! Have a hilarious birthday!

You know, they say people born on April 1st are the funniest! Prove right this birthday!

You’re one of the few people who can make anyone smile since you were born on such a joyous day! Happy April Fool’s Birthday!

Since you were born on April 1st, this means you’re legally allowed to prank anyone today. Have a mischievous birthday!

Celebrate your birthday with a dose of good humor! Happy April Fools? Birthday!

Wishing you a birthday full of laughs and joy. The April Fool’s baby deserves no less!

Happy Birthday to my favorite April Fool! Keep the world laughing as you always do!

Today is the perfect day for your birthday, as it’s the only day when you can act like a fool and it will be completely acceptable! Happy April Fool’s Day Birthday!

We thought about throwing you a surprise party, but we weren’t sure you’d believe us! Happy April Fool’s Day Birthday!

Congratulations! You have a ‘licence to prank’ issued on your birthday. Enjoy the fun of April Fool’s Day!

Your birthday proves that laughter is the best gift of all! Happy Birthday and Happy April Fool?s Day!

Remember, on your April Fool’s birthday, having fun is mandatory and pranking is optional!

May you always find reasons to smile and may your mischief on your special day become a memorable event! Happy April Fool’s Day Birthday to you.

Your birthday gives us double the reason to celebrate: your existence and your knack for the best pranks! Happy April Fool’s Birthday!

Wishing you a birthday full of laughter and pranks, just like April Fool’s Day itself. Happy birthday, my glorious fool!

On your birthday, remember it’s better to be a year older than a fool all year round! Have a jolly April Fool’s birthday!

As a special birthday treat, I promise not to prank you…much! Have an unforgettable April Fool’s birthday!

May your birthday and every day be filled with smiles, laughter and jests, just as April Fool’s Day! Happy birthday!

May your April Fool’s birthday be one of a kind – full of laughter, trickery and good times. Happy birthday!

You might have been born on April Fool?s Day, but your humor is no joke! Happy birthday to the life of the party!

On your special day, may you laugh as hard as you do on April Fool’s! Have a wonderful birthday!

Let?s celebrate your birthday with all the fun of April Fool?s Day and all the joy of a birthday. Happy celebration!

Born on April Fool’s Day and fooling around ever since ? but today is your day! Happy Birthday, you amazing jester!

Happy Birthday, dear friend! Bringing joy and laughter on your special day ? because a fool laughs even when he?s sad.

Your birth on April Fool’s Day makes you the most fun person I know. Keep the jokes coming, and have a blast on your birthday!

Happy April Fool?s Day birthday, to someone who knows how to make every day feel like a laughter-filled holiday!

On this day, the universe saw fit to gift us with its most beautiful joker. Happy April Fool’s Birthday!

Your April Fool’s Day Birthday suits you! Always ready with a joke and a smile. Keep bringing laughter into the world. Happy birthday!

May your shenanigans chronicle your memories and the laughter echo through your birthday and April Fool?s Day!

Happy Birthday to my favourite fool! Enjoy your special day and may it be filled with love, laughter and plenty of pranks!

On this day, April Fools can?t hold a candle to you, because you’re a genuine character every day. Happy Birthday!

What?s the biggest joke on this April Fool?s Day? It?s your birthday…kidding! Have an awesome day, prankster!

Whoever was born on April Fools Day has a natural tendency to spread joy. Happy Birthday, you joyful fool!

No need to play a prank on you this birthday, your age is joke enough! Wishing you tons of laughter today!

Because it?s your birthday on April Fool?s Day, does that mean the joke is on you or on us? Anyway, Happy Birthday!

Sharing your birthday with April Fool’s Day… That?s the universe?s way of gifting you a lifetime of fun! Cheers to that!

What if I told you today wasn?t really your birthday, just an April Fool?s joke…but hey, have a cake anyway!

Since you were born on April Fool?s Day, I’m wondering if your entire life has been one great practical joke. Have a hilarious birthday!

Happy Birthday to the King/Queen of Pranks. Let’s see who fools whom today!

Wishing a very happy birthday to the most foolishly wonderful person I know, born on an aptly foolish day!

Life’s a prank and you are its favorite jester. Happy birthday on this fool’s day!

They say wisdom comes with age, but in your case, it’s foolishness. And we absolutely love it! Happy Birthday!

I wonder if you were always this fun or it?s because you were born on April Fool’s Day. Happy Birthday, my favourite fool!

You were born on the day the jesters roam free, seems fitting for you! Enjoy your birthday to the fullest!

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