American Werewolf in London Quotes

Beware the moon, lads.

I’m a werewolf, not a bloody dog.

The undead surround me, begging for release.

The transformation is not pleasant, to say the least.

A full moon is both a blessing and a curse.

In the darkness, the beast takes over and there’s no controlling it.

London becomes a hunting ground for the wretched creature.

The pain of the transformation is worth it for the freedom it brings.

The thirst for blood can never be quenched.

The moonlight brings out the worst in me.

The wolf within fights to break free.

No amount of silver can pacify the beast within.

Once a month, I steel myself for the inevitable change.

The wolf’s hunger cannot be silenced.

In the dead of night, the creature roams the streets.

A monster lurks in the heart of the city.

It takes a monster to fight a monster.

The wolf will always seek its prey.

Fear is the only constant companion of the American werewolf in London.

The creature must kill to survive.

The curse of the werewolf is never-ending.

Moonlit nights are filled with howls and screams.

The beast within is a reflection of our own darkest desires.

In the shadows, the creature’s true nature is revealed.

The hunt for the American werewolf is on.

A werewolf’s bite is both a curse and a gift.

The transformation is a dance between man and beast.

The beast lurks within, waiting for the right moment to strike.

A werewolf’s howl pierces the night and sends shivers down your spine.

To be a werewolf is to live in constant fear of who you might become.

The moon controls us all, whether we realize it or not.

The beast within can never be tamed.

The bloodlust is overpowering, driving the creature to kill.

The wolf seeks revenge for its tortured existence.

In the moon’s glow, the beast emerges from hiding.

The transformation is a form of rebirth, shedding the burdens of human life.

To be a beast is to be truly free.

The moon is a reminder of the monster that lies within.

The hunt for the American werewolf in London becomes an obsession.

The creature’s howl echoes through the city streets, a chilling symphony of terror.

In the night, the wolf becomes the predator it was born to be.

The beast is cunning, using its intelligence to stalk its prey.

The moon’s glow reveals the true face of the American werewolf in London.

In the moonlight, the creature’s humanity fades away.

The legacy of the werewolf is one of bloodshed and pain.

The transformation is a curse that cannot be undone.

The wolf’s hunger is never satisfied.

The creature’s eyes reflect the darkness of its soul.

The streets of London become a macabre playground for the werewolf.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing, the American werewolf hides in plain sight.

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