Adorable Sayings to Engrave on Your Coasters


Keep calm, it’s coaster time.

Life is too short for water marks.

Have a sip, not a drip!

Sip back and relax!

Where there’s a drink, there’s a coaster.

Don’t be a coaster, coaster!

Keep your table happy, use a coaster.

Beauty lies in the coaster of the beholder.

Mugmate for life.

Ring free zone.

Save your table, show some coaster love.

Put me under your drink, not your feet!

Stay on a coaster, never on your nerves.

Mugs are for hugs, not slugs.

A coaster a day keeps the scratches away!

Drinks need homes too.

Warm hearts, cool coasters.

Cup’s best friend.

Say goodbye to rings, hello to blings.

Charm the surface, embrace the coaster.

Be mugs best friend

Coaster here, party there

On coast(er) of good vibes

Spill the tea, not on the table

Catching drips, not feelin’ tipsy

Don’t be a drip!

Sip happens

Life’s too short for water rings

It’s coaster o ‘clock somewhere

Keep calm and use a coaster

I’m here for a good time, and a long time

Protect the table, respect the coaster

Drip responsibly

Make every sip count

You’re brew-tiful

Where there’s wine, there’s a coaster

Catch you on the coaster-side

Caution: coaster in use

Coaster vibes only

From hot coffee to cool coasters

Sip back and relax

Oh, look it’s coaster o’clock!

Cup’s best mate

Wine a little, laugh a latte

Saving tables one coaster at a time

Life’s a coaster, enjoy the ride

Doing my duty: cup holder

Eat, drink, be merry, and use a coaster.

Rest your glass, enjoy the moment

Coaster love, mug life

Love the wine you’re with – on a coaster

‘Sip’ back and relax

Coaster zone, party on

Mark your spot with a coaster

Coasters: the unsung heroes of the table.

Don’t stain your reputation, use a coaster!

Absorbent and Accepting. Just like your secrets!

Be a little ‘coaster, let’s absorb life’s spills together!

Friends don’t let friends leave rings.

I’m just here for moral mug support.

Coasters: Because even your glass needs a hug.

Stained tables are a party foul!

I promise, I won’t let you down!

Sweat marks are for the gym, not your table.

Here today, beer tomorrow.

Saving your table, one drink at a time.

Coasting through life.

Keep calm and use a coaster!

Your drink’s better half.

I’d take a spill for you.

Protecting your table, one sip at a time.

Your furniture’s new best friend.

Mugs and glasses welcome, stains and rings banned!

Lay it on me!

The coast(ers) is clear.

Sip happens, use a coaster!

You can always count on me!

Pour decisions lead to stains, use me instead!

Your cup’s resting place.

From coffee to wine, I got you covered.

Warning: Non-Use may lead to unsightly stains!

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