Adorable Mint Phrases and Sayings to Refresh Your Day

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Stay fresh as mint.

Mint to be.

Life is like a mint, sometimes sweet, sometimes hard.

Life can be mintastic!

Add a little mint to your life.

Mint your own business.

In mint condition.

Maintain the minty freshness.

Relax, unwind, it’s mint time.

You’re mint to be amazing.

Mint each day count.

You’re mint to be mine.

Have a minty day.

Life’s too short, have a mint.

Mint yourself and rejuvenate.

Dream big, sparkle more, shine bright, stay fresh.

Life is full of minty surprises.

Made with love and a splash of mint.

Smell the roses, taste the mint.

Minted for greatness.

Mint to be.

Cool as mint.

Keep it fresh as mint.

In mint condition.

Minting memories.

It’s mint o’clock somewhere.

Mint mindset, mint life.

Mint-ality matters.

It’s a mint world.

Chasing the mint moment.

Mint vibes only.

Mint dreams, high hopes.

Life full of mint adventure.

Just one mint, please.

All we have is mint.

Keep calm and love mint.

Sprinkle life with a little mint.

Believe in the magic of mint.

Setting goals is mint.

Travel first, mint always.

Enjoy the mint journey.

Stay minty.

My heart beats in mint color.

The mintier, the merrier.

Sweeter than mint candy.

Mint-ful of joy.

Sow the seeds of mint happiness.

Too much mint is never enough.

Peppermint passion.

Live. Love. Mint.

Mint to be!

Stay fresh, stay minty.

The mintier, the merrier.

Life is like a mint, refreshing and zingy.

A mint a day keeps the grumpiness away.

You mint the world to me.

Mint yourself happy.

I’m mint-flavoured love.

Keep calm and enjoy mint.

Feel-good mint vibes only.

Always stay minty fresh.

It’s a minty kind of day.

Life’s short, eat the mint chocolate.

A little mint magic can do wonders.

Mint: Nature’s kiss of freshness.

Mint your business!

Put some mint in your step.

We’re mint to be friends.

One mint at a time.

Mint it up!

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