Zamasu Quotes

The world is rotten, and it needs to be cleansed.

Mortals are nothing but an infection on this universe.

Power is the ultimate form of justice.

I am the embodiment of righteousness, and I will bring divine justice to all.

Human arrogance knows no bounds, but I will put an end to it.

I am divine, and I will not stand for mortal insolence.

There is no place for mortals in a world ruled by gods.

The gods have failed in their duty, but I will not.

Fear not, mortals, for I will bring order to this chaos.

Mortals are incapable of understanding true justice.

I am the supreme deity, and my will shall be done.

The world needs a god, and I am here to fulfill that role.

Mortals are foolish to oppose their divine creator.

The power of the gods flows through my veins.

I am the one true god, and mortals shall bow before me.

I will cleanse this universe of all impurities.

Mortals are an aberration, and I will correct this mistake.

Divine justice cannot be escaped, even by the mortals.

The gods are flawed, but I will create a perfect world.

Mortals are nothing but insects compared to me.

I will create a utopia free from the sins of mortals.

My power is infinite, and my justice is absolute.

Mortals cannot comprehend the true nature of divinity.

Only I can save this universe from the sickness of mortals.

I am the savior this world needs, whether it wants me or not.

Mortals may resist, but they cannot defy the will of a god.

The gods have failed their sacred duty, but I will not.

I will cleanse this universe of all mortal impurities.

The power of justice flows through me, destroying all in its path.

Mortals are nothing but pawns in the divine game of the gods.

I will bring divine order to this chaotic realm.

The gods have grown weak, but I will restore their glory.

Mortals cannot comprehend the depths of my power.

I will create a shining beacon of divine justice in this universe.

To oppose me is to oppose the very fabric of this universe.

Mortals are blind to the true power of the gods.

The gods have chosen me as their instrument of justice.

I will cleanse this universe of all mortal weakness.

The gods are flawed, but I will correct their mistakes.

Mortals are fools, unaware of the chaos they have wrought.

I will bring an end to this mortal folly once and for all.

Gods do not negotiate with mortals; they enforce divine will.

I will strike down any who stand in the way of divine justice.

Mortals cling to their fleeting lives; I offer them eternal peace.

I am the purveyor of divine order, and I will not be swayed.

The gods have abandoned mortals, but I will not abandon them.

I am the harbinger of a new era, the era of divine supremacy.

Mortals are insignificant in the grand tapestry of the universe.

I will forge a new destiny for this universe, free from mortal influence.

Gods do not fear death; they embrace it as a means to an end.

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