Wicked quotes

Wickedness is a choice, not a condition.

Evil comes in many disguises, but true wickedness lies within.

Beware the smiles of those with wicked hearts.

Wickedness thrives in the absence of goodness.

Evil deeds may be overlooked, but they will never be forgotten.

Wickedness may burn bright, but it is easily extinguished by love.

Wicked hearts hide behind innocent faces.

Darkness will always find a way to manifest its wickedness.

Wickedness is like a contagious disease, spreading from one soul to another.

Behind every wicked action lies a twisted justification.

Wickedness is a poison that consumes the soul from within.

Evil thoughts breed wicked actions.

Wicked minds have no room for compassion or empathy.

There is no defense against the wicked except for the light of truth.

Wicked deeds may go unpunished, but they leave scars that never heal.

Evil knows no bounds, but it can be defeated by the power of good.

Wickedness is a dance with the devil, and the steps are never-ending.

Darkness cannot extinguish darkness; only light can do that.

Wickedness may appear tempting, but its path leads to destruction.

Evil thrives in the absence of accountability.

Wickedness knows no allegiance; it serves only itself.

The line between good and evil is a thin one, easily crossed by the wicked.

Evil hearts are blind to the beauty of kindness.

Wickedness is a toxin that seeps into every aspect of life.

It is in our darkest moments that the wickedness within us is revealed.

Evil cannot be eradicated, only contained.

Wickedness breeds chaos, but goodness brings order.

Behind every wicked smile is a soul devoid of light.

Evil minds are always searching for new ways to inflict pain.

Wickedness may win battles, but goodness will always win the war.

Evil never rests, but neither does the spirit of justice.

Wickedness is a path that leads only to despair.

Evil thoughts fester in the mind, poisoning the soul.

Wickedness is a disease that spreads like wildfire.

To defeat the wicked, we must first understand their motivations.

Evil hearts are blind to the suffering they cause.

Wickedness is a choice, and it is never too late to choose goodness.

Evil thrives in the silence of good men.

Wickedness is a serpent that slithers through the hearts of men.

Evil deeds may bring temporary pleasure, but they leave a lasting stain.

Wickedness knows no boundaries; it exists in every corner of the world.

Evil cannot be defeated with violence, only with love and understanding.

Wickedness may believe it is invincible, but it is no match for the power of good.

Evil seeks to corrupt the pure and tarnish the innocent.

Wickedness is a storm that leaves destruction in its wake.

Evil will always find a way to twist the truth to serve its own purposes.

Wickedness preys on the vulnerable, using their weaknesses against them.

Evil minds are always searching for new ways to manipulate and control.

Wickedness may seem alluring, but it leaves nothing but emptiness in its wake.

Evil deeds may be forgotten, but the scars they leave behind are eternal.

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