Twice quotes

Twice is not just a group, it’s a family.

Once in a lifetime, you find a group like Twice.

Twice’s music makes the world brighter.

Twice is the soundtrack to my life.

Twice is a shining star in a dark sky.

Twice’s energy is contagious.

Twice’s duality is what makes them special.

Twice gives me the strength to keep going.

Twice’s talent is out of this world.

Twice’s smiles are worth a million dollars.

Twice’s bond is unbreakable.

Twice is a ray of sunshine on a rainy day.

Twice’s choreography is always on point.

Twice is a source of inspiration for me.

Twice is a constant reminder to be brave.

Twice’s music makes my heart skip a beat.

Twice’s beauty is both inside and out.

Twice is the definition of girl power.

Twice’s lyrics speak to my soul.

Twice’s friendship is something to aspire to.

Twice’s charisma is unmatched.

Twice’s success is well-deserved.

Twice’s fashion game is always on fleek.

Twice’s vocals are like a soothing lullaby.

Twice’s laughter brings joy to my day.

Twice’s stage presence is electrifying.

Twice’s music is my happy place.

Twice’s love for their fans is heartwarming.

Twice’s performances are a work of art.

Twice’s energy is what keeps me going.

Twice’s lyrics are my anthem.

Twice’s visuals are a feast for the eyes.

Twice’s talent knows no bounds.

Twice’s music fills me with a sense of purpose.

Twice’s unity is their source of strength.

Twice’s dedication is inspiring.

Twice’s smiles light up the world.

Twice’s music is a form of therapy.

Twice’s hard work always pays off.

Twice’s music is a reminder to chase my dreams.

Twice’s passion is contagious.

Twice’s messages of self-love resonate with me.

Twice’s music is my escape from reality.

Twice’s lyrics paint vivid pictures in my mind.

Twice’s positive energy is infectious.

Twice’s music empowers me to be myself.

Twice’s lyrics tell stories I can relate to.

Twice’s friendship is a beautiful thing to witness.

Twice’s harmonies are like a symphony.

Twice’s music brings people together.

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