Top Coneheads Quotes That Will Make You Laugh

We come in peace. Take us to your beaches.

Earth rules! Coneheads drool!

It’s not the size of your cone, it’s how you use it.

We are cone-ditioned for space travel.

Blunt head, cone head, we’re all the same species underneath.

Our cone is our pride and joy. Don’t be cone jealous.

Coneheads know how to party. We’re cone-a-licious!

Life on earth is just a little cone-voluted, but we like it that way.

Coneheads have a unique perspective. We see the world through our cones!

Cones are a fashion statement. Rock your cone with confidence!

Coneheads have a built-in party hat always ready to go.

We’re not cone-fused. We just have a different way of thinking!

Cones unite! Our cone-skills are out of this world.

Coneheads, we wear our cones proudly on our heads.

Don’t judge a cone by its shape. We’re cone-siderably smarter than we look.

We’ve got cones and we’re not afraid to use them.

Coneheads are a little cone-trary, but that’s what makes us unique.

We might be coneheads, but we’re still down-to-earth.

Coneheads have a one-of-a-kind headgear collection.

Coneheads are all about cone-nnections and cosmic vibes.

We’re just cone-tent exploring the universe, one cone at a time.

Coneheads are always cone-fident. We know how to keep our heads up!

Coneheads see the world from a point of view that others can’t.

We’re cone-sidered the coolest heads in the galaxy.

Being a conehead means standing out from the crowd. Embrace your cones!

When life gives you cones, make cone-shaped lemonade.

We’re not stuck-up, we just come from a different cone.

Coneheads are cone-sidered fashion icons in our home planet.

Cones are a symbol of wisdom and cone-nectedness in our culture.

We’ve got cones, and we’re not afraid to shake them.

We’re coneheads, and we’re here to brighten up your planet.

Having a cone on your head is like having a constant conversation starter.

We might have cones on our heads, but our hearts are cone-siderably large.

We’re cone-tent with who we are, cones and all.

Coneheads have the power to leave a cone-trail wherever they go.

No need to cone-fess, we’re just living in a cone-zone of life.

Coneheads have a cone-nection to the universe that can’t be explained.

Don’t pity us for our cones. We’re living our best cone-filled lives.

Coneheads, making Earth a little more cone-tastic, one day at a time.

We might be coneheads, but we’re still cone-sidered pretty awesome.

Coneheads are all about cone-tinuous learning and exploration.

Having a cone on our heads is like having a permanent ice cream cone.

We’re just cone-cerned citizens of the universe, spreading cone-tentment.

Cones are our crowns, showing that we’re royally cool.

We’re cone-de-scending upon Earth with love and intergalactic humor.

Coneheads don’t see obstacles, we see opportunities to cone-quer.

Cones are just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve got cone-tent for days.

We’re cone-ditioned for success, no matter where we go!

Coneheads know how to have a cone-tastic time. Join the party!

Embrace your inner conehead. We’re just a little cone-troversial and a lot of fun.

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