Time is money quotes

Time is money, so make every second count.

The clock is ticking, don’t waste a minute.

Time wasted is money lost.

The value of time is immeasurable, cherish every moment.

Every second spent idle is a dollar wasted.

Time is the most precious currency, spend it wisely.

Don’t let time slip through your fingers, it’s worth more than gold.

Time is a limited resource, use it intelligently.

Time is a valuable asset, invest it wisely.

The clock doesn’t stop for anyone, make sure you’re moving forward.

Time is your most valuable employee, don’t let it go unpaid.

Time is the great equalizer, everyone has the same 24 hours.

Don’t procrastinate, time is money waiting to be earned.

The more time you invest, the greater your returns.

Time is the currency of success, use it to make your dreams come true.

Every second counts, so make them all count.

Time is the bridge between dreams and reality, use it to cross.

Don’t waste time, invest it in your future.

Time is an investment, the more you put in, the bigger the reward.

Time is a valuable commodity, use it wisely.

Time is the currency of achievement, spend it on things that matter.

Don’t let time slip away, it can never be earned back.

Time is the most valuable gift you can give yourself.

Time spent wisely is money earned.

Time is a non-renewable resource, use it with intention.

Time is a currency that can buy you success.

Time is a scarce resource, don’t waste it on trivial matters.

Don’t let time be a thief, guard it and make it work for you.

Time is a priceless asset, don’t squander it.

Time is like a bank account, invest it wisely for future dividends.

Time is a valuable resource, don’t let it slip away.

Time is the master of all currencies, spend it on things that matter.

Don’t chase after money, chase after time well spent.

Time is a valuable resource, don’t let it run out on you.

Time is a precious gem, don’t let it go unnoticed.

Don’t waste your time, make it count towards your goals.

The clock never stops ticking, make sure you’re making every moment count.

Time is a precious commodity, don’t let it go undervalued.

Don’t trade your time for pennies, invest it in your worth.

Every moment is an opportunity to earn or learn, make the most of it.

Time is the canvas on which you paint your success.

Don’t let time be a burden, let it be your ally in achieving greatness.

Time is the fuel that propels you towards your goals, don’t run out.

Time is like a river, don’t let it pass you by without making a splash.

Don’t let time be your enemy, make it your greatest asset.

Time is the secret ingredient to success, use it generously.

Time is a valuable currency, use it to buy experiences and memories.

Every second is an opportunity, don’t let them slip away unnoticed.

Don’t let time be your enemy, be the master of your own destiny.

Time is a gift, use it to create a life worth living.

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