Soccer Shirts Sayings: A Fun Mix of Quotes and Inspiration

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Soccer: Infecting the world with happiness

Eat, Sleep, Soccer – Repeat

It’s not just a game, it’s my life

Live to Play. Play to Win

Bend it like Beckham

Got Balls? Play Soccer!

Can’t Stop the Soccer Hype!

I don?t play soccer. I live it

Shut up and let me play!

I’m a player, not a watcher

My heart beats in soccer time

Sweat, Smile, Soccer

Nothing sweeter than a soccer victory

Watch me whip – watch me score, score

Goal Getter!

Risk everything or gain nothing

One World, One Game: Soccer

Keep Calm and Play Soccer

In soccer, I found my second family

I am a girl. I am a soccer player. Any questions?

Off Duty Soccer Mom (for soccer moms)

Scores do not define me. But goals do

Leave your doubt, win the game

Dream Big, Kick Hard

Soccer is a lifestyle

Chasing soccer dreams

Soccer = 90 minutes of sanity

Born to Play, Trained to Win.

Skills win games, Teamwork wins championships

Heroes Play Soccer.

Game On, Life Off.

Soccer is my religion, the field is my church.

Life is simple: Eat, sleep, play soccer.

Soccer: It’s in my DNA.

Keep calm and play soccer.

No pain, no gain, no soccer.

Soccer is freedom.

Can’t stop, won’t stop playing soccer.

Life goal: Soccer goal.

Bleed for the team, sweat for the dream.

Train like a beast, play like a pro.

Score goals, not borders.

A day without soccer is wasted.

World’s okayest soccer player.

Grass-stained and goal-oriented.

There’s no ‘I’ in team.

Just do it: Play soccer.

Soccer: Because life’s too short for boring sports.

Goal digger.

Soccer: More than a game.

Got game? Play soccer.

Stand up if you love soccer.

Feel the fear and play soccer anyway.

Eat. Sleep. Soccer. Repeat.

I don’t have a life, my kid plays soccer.

Heartbeat: Soccer.

Freedom is football.

Football isn’t just a game, it’s a way of life.

Play like a champion today.

Soccer is life, the rest is just details.

To win is not everything, it’s the only thing.

Give me a ball, a field, and someone to embarrass.

Play like there’s no tomorrow.

Eat, sleep, play soccer, repeat.

Life’s a game, soccer is serious.

There’s no offside in my soccer universe.

Train like a beast, play like a pro.

My heart beats in soccer intervals.

Soccer doesn’t build character, it reveals it.

Passion first, everything else can wait.

Proud to be a soccer mom/dad.

I don’t sweat, I leak soccer spirit.

Playing soccer with your feet is one thing, playing with your heart is another.

Excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude.

Goal getter.

Soccer, because life?s too short to play boring sports.

Can’t talk, I’m in soccer mode.

Scoring is a habit, not a skill.

The only thing I fear is the referee’s whistle.

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