Quotes on Child Abuse – Raising Awareness and Encouraging Action

A child’s innocence should never be taken away.

Child abuse scars more than just the body, it scars the soul.

Children are the future, let’s protect them.

Child abuse is not justice, it’s a crime.

Every child deserves a safe and loving home.

Stop child abuse, start child protection.

Children are the most vulnerable among us, let’s be their voice.

Child abuse breaks the spirit of a child.

A child’s smile is the most precious gift, let’s not rob them of it.

Children are not expendable, they are invaluable.

Child abuse leaves lifelong scars, let’s break the cycle.

A child’s trust is fragile, let’s not betray it.

Child abuse takes away a child’s right to a happy childhood.

Protecting children is a responsibility we all share.

A child’s laughter should never be silenced.

Child abuse is a violation of a child’s basic human rights.

Children are treasures, let’s treat them as such.

Abusing a child is not discipline, it’s cruelty.

Child abuse is a stain on our society, let’s wash it away.

Children deserve love, not abuse.

Child abuse thrives in silence, let’s break the silence.

Children should never be afraid of the ones who are supposed to protect them.

Child abuse robs children of their innocence and potential.

Every child deserves a chance to bloom, not wither in fear.

Child abuse is an epidemic we must eradicate.

Protecting children is a duty, not an option.

Child abuse is a crime against humanity.

Children are our greatest gift, let’s cherish and protect them.

Abuse shatters the dreams of a child, let’s help them rebuild.

Child abuse leaves scars no child should ever bear.

Children are not objects to be abused, they are beings to be nurtured.

Child abuse denies children the love and care they deserve.

Every child has the right to safety and security.

Child abuse is an act of cowardice, not strength.

Children’s voices must be heard, not silenced through abuse.

Child abuse destroys families, let’s build them up with love instead.

Children deserve a childhood free from fear and violence.

Abuse steals a child’s innocence, let’s protect it.

Child abuse leaves a lasting impact on society, let’s address it.

Children deserve to grow up in a world where they feel safe and loved.

Abusing a child is a reflection of the abuser’s weakness, not the child’s.

Child abuse extinguishes the light within a child, let’s ignite it again.

Protecting children is not an option, it’s a moral obligation.

The scars of child abuse go deeper than the surface.

Children deserve to be valued and protected.

Child abuse thrives in secrecy, let’s expose it.

Abusing a child is a betrayal of trust.

Child abuse is the antithesis of love and care.

Children deserve a childhood filled with joy, not fear.

Preventing child abuse is everyone’s responsibility.

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