Quotes from Anti-Federalist Founders

The power of the federal government should be limited, to ensure the rights and freedoms of the people.

A strong centralized government can easily become tyrannical.

State sovereignty is essential for a balanced and fair system of governance.

The federal government should not have the power to interfere in the affairs of the states.

The Constitution should include clearer protections for individual rights.

We must guard against the consolidation of power in the hands of a few.

A decentralized government promotes local control and accountability.

The will of the people should always prevail over the will of the federal government.

The strength of a nation lies in the autonomy and independence of its states.

We must protect the rights of minorities from the potential tyranny of the majority.

A virtuous citizenry is essential for the success of a republican form of government.

The federal government should have limited powers, with checks and balances in place.

A standing army could be used against the people, undermining their freedoms.

The federal government should focus on promoting commerce, not interfering in local affairs.

The states should have the right to nullify unconstitutional federal laws.

Democracy thrives when power is dispersed, not concentrated.

The federal government should have limited involvement in economic matters.

The smaller the government, the more efficient it becomes.

Power corrupts, and too much power in the hands of the federal government is dangerous.

Empowering the states ensures a diversity of ideas and perspectives in government.

A centralized government can easily infringe on the rights of individuals and the states.

The Constitution must be interpreted strictly, to prevent the expansion of federal power.

The federal government should not have the authority to regulate intrastate commerce.

States should be allowed to govern themselves, free from undue federal interference.

The Anti-Federalists were right to be wary of a strong central government.

The federal government should be limited to its enumerated powers.

The rights of the people can only be guaranteed through decentralized government.

The balance of power between states and the federal government is crucial for liberty.

The federal government should defer to the states on matters of local significance.

States should be allowed to experiment with different policies and approaches.

The Founders understood the importance of limiting federal power.

A decentralized government better represents the diverse needs and interests of the people.

The Tenth Amendment is a critical check on federal power.

The sovereignty of the states is a fundamental principle of our Constitution.

The Anti-Federalists warned of the dangers of an overreaching federal government.

The federal government should not have the power to levy direct taxes on individuals.

We must remain vigilant against any encroachment on our individual liberties.

The states should be the final arbiters of constitutional disputes.

The federal government should respect the rights of states to govern themselves.

The Anti-Federalists were champions of individual liberty and state sovereignty.

A powerful central government is incompatible with the principles of a republic.

The Anti-Federalists were the true defenders of the Constitution.

State governments are closer to the people and better able to address their needs.

The federal government should have limited jurisdiction, focusing on national defense.

The Anti-Federalists foresaw the potential for tyranny in a strong central government.

The federal government should not have the power to establish a national bank.

We must maintain a healthy distrust of concentrated power.

The states must retain the power to protect their citizens from federal overreach.

The federal government should not be able to override state laws without just cause.

The Anti-Federalists were the true protectors of individual liberty and limited government.

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