Paw Patrol Sayings – Fun and Inspiring Catchphrases from the Beloved Animated Series

No pup is too small!

Ready for action, Ryder, sir!

Paw Patrol, to the Lookout!

In Adventure Bay, no job is too big, no pup is too small!

Chase is on the case!

Let’s yelp for help!

Pups away!

Rubble on the double!

Skye’s the limit!

Marshall is fired up!

Zuma, dive in!

Rocky, green means go!

We’re the lifeguards of Adventure Bay!

Pawsome job, pups!

Pup-tacular teamwork!

Ruff-ruff rescue!

No pup left behind!

Bark if you’re ready!

Adventure is waiting, let’s go!

Paw Patrol is always on a roll!

There’s no problem too big for us to solve!

We’re on a mission to keep Adventure Bay safe!

Paws before claws!

We’re the best at what we do!

When trouble strikes, we’re ready to fight!

Every pup has a special skill!

We’re a pack of heroes!

Adventure waits for no pup!

We never give up, that’s the Paw Patrol way!

We save the day, woof-woof hooray!

Pups, it’s time to show our pawsome skills!

Protect and serve, that’s what we do!

Paw Patrol saves the day, again!

Ryder and the pups are here to stay!

We’re always on the lookout for those in need!

Adventure Bay, we’ve got your back!

No job is too tough for us, we’re rough, tough, and ready to bluff!

We’re the heroes that everyone knows!

We’re a pack of pawsitivity and fun!

We’re the guardians of Adventure Bay!

Together we can conquer any challenge!

Barking for justice!

We bring the ruff to Adventure Bay!

Pup power to the rescue!

There’s no mission we can’t complete!

In Paw Patrol, we’re always pawsitive!

Adventure Bay’s best friends forever!

We’re woof-tastic and pawsome!

No matter how big or small, we’re there for the call!

Paw Patrol, saving the day with a wag and a bay!

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