Ninja Turtle Sayings – Wisdom from the Turtles

It’s pizza time!

Cowabunga dudes!

Turtle power!

Heroes in a half shell!

Shell yeah!

We’re turtles, not tortoises!

Fighting crime, anytime!

We’re lean, green, fighting machines!

Our shells are our armor.

We’re the masters of stealth.

Turtles never hide, we only strategize.

We don’t need capes to be heroes.

We’re a ninja brotherhood.

Our teamwork is unbeatable.

We always go with the flow.

We leave no villain unpunished.

We’re turtles, but we ain’t slow.

We’re radical to the core.

No challenge is too tough for us.

We’re the ultimate defenders of justice.

We’re brave, we’re bold, we’re turtles!

We’re turtles on a mission!

We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty.

We’re the flip side of the coin.

We believe in the power of teamwork.

We may be small, but we’re mighty.

We’re always ready for action.

We’re the protectors of the innocent.

We fight for what’s right.

We’re stealthy, but never sneaky.

We bring justice to the sewers.

We’re the avengers of the underground.

We’re the fierce defenders of New York City.

We’re turtle brothers, through thick and thin.

We’re turtles with a mission to win.

We’re the heroes that don’t back down.

We’re the ones who will save the town.

We fight with honor and loyalty.

We’re the guardians of peace and prosperity.

We’re always ready to kick some shell.

We’re the silent warriors of the night.

We’re the turtles with the turtle bite.

We’re radical, we’re phenomenal, we’re turtles!

We’re the green machines that never quit.

We’re the heroes that New York needs.

We’re the knights of the sewer kingdom.

We’re the turtles on a never-ending adventure.

We’re not just turtles, we’re legends.

We’re the turtles that saved the world.

We’re the heroes that inspire us all.

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