• Okilly-dokilly!

    It’s a-diddly-eye doozy!

    Gosh darn it, always look on the brightiddly-ight side of life.


    I don’t have a cow, man, I have a flock of sheep.

    Hidely-ho, there, neighbor!

    Well, golly gee willikers!

    Flew-diddly-ew, you’ve gotta have faith!

    Hot diggity dog!

    The lord works in mysterious diddly-ysterious ways.

    With a hiddly-idde la-di-doo, anything is possible!

    Fiddly-iddly-oop, better get to work!

    A-diddly-doo, an idle mind is the devil’s playground.

    Diddly-darn it, here comes trouble.

    You’ve gotta have faithdidly-alth!

    Fiddly-iddly-ight the good fight.

    Tidy-widy up, it’s time for some spring cleaning.

    Diddly-iddly-oodle-lady, let’s get our gardening on.

    Let’s spruce up diddly-up the neighborhood, one flower pot at a time.

    Noodly-doodly in the kitchen, whipping up some deliciousness.

    I’ve got the hiddly-iddly-ungries, let’s make a feast!

    Time to get diddly-oodly up and get our exercise on.

    Fleurgenschnitzel – it’s a real diddly-oddly delicacy!

    Diddly-dang it, did you see the sunset? It was beautiful!

    I’m feeling mighty diddly-oodly donnaroonie today.

    Let’s diddly-iddlyress up in our Sunday best and go to church.

    We’ve got diddly-iddly-o something to celebrate every day.

    Fiddly-iddly-ive me liberty or give me a pancake breakfast.

    Don’t forget to wear your diddly-iddly-seatbelt, it’s just good sense!

    Fiddly-diddly-ish me luck, I’m headed to the casino!

    Hiddly-iddly-appy birthday, neighbor! May your day be full of joy.

    Well, slap me silly and call me doodly, that’s unexpected!

    Diddly-iddly-ance like nobody’s watching, neighbor!

    Let’s diddly-iddly-ever be afraid to try something new, you never know what you might find.

    Remember, neighbor, love is the answer to diddly-iddly-everything.

    I’ve got a diddly-iddeally of a day planned, care to join me?

    Feeling stressed? Take a diddly-iddly-ittle break and smell the roses.

    Hiddly-iddly-ard work never hurt nobody, neighbor.

    If life gives you lemons, make diddly-iddly-emonade!

    Take a diddly-iddly-eep breath, everything will work out.

    Diddly-iddly-as it is written, so it shall be done.

    When in doubt, diddly-iddly-uddle up with a good book.

    Every cloud has a silver diddly-iddly-ining, neighbor.

    Hiddly-iddly-e who hesitates is lost, so don’t hesitate!

    Diddly-iddly-eep on truckin’, neighbor, you’re almost there.

    Time to diddly-uddly-up and face the day with a smile.

    Let’s diddly-iddly-ive life to the fullest, every single day.

    A diddly-iddly-air day keeps the doctor away, neighbor!

    Don’t worry, be diddly-iddly-appy, that’s my motto.

    And-iddly-there you have it, neighbor, 50 diddly-iddly-riffic quotes!

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