Most Common Sayings During Christmas

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Most likely to prank everyone by dressing up as Santa

Most likely to drink all the eggnog

Most likely to leave cookies out for Santa, even as an adult

Most likely to have their Christmas shopping done by October

Most likely to spend all Christmas day cooking

Most likely to give the most thoughtful gifts

Most likely to wake up the earliest on Christmas day

Most likely to start decorating for Christmas in November

Most likely to watch It’s a Wonderful Life on repeat

Most likely to get overly excited about Christmas specials on TV

Most likely to know all the words to every Christmas carol

Most likely to be in a Santa costume throughout December

Most likely to be caught kissing under the mistletoe

Most likely to travel to the North Pole if they had the chance

Most likely to spend Christmas in a cabin in the woods

Most likely to handcraft all their Christmas presents

Most likely to volunteer at a soup kitchen on Christmas Eve

Most likely to take a picture with every mall Santa they see

Most likely to bring a real live pine tree for Christmas

Most likely to stay up all night Christmas Eve wrapping gifts

Most Likely to Start Decorating for Christmas in October.

Most Likely to Listen to Christmas Music All Year Round.

Most Likely to Cry While Watch ‘A Christmas Carol’.

Most Likely to Spend a Fortune on Christmas Gifts.

Most Likely to Have a Merry Merry Christmas.

Most Likely to Wear a Santa Claus’ Costume to a Christmas Party.

Most Likely to Engage in a Snowball Fight.

Most Likely to Sing Christmas Carols Louder than Anyone Else.

Most Likely to Celebrate Christmas in a Totally Unique Way.

Most Likely to Have a House that can be Seen from Space due to Christmas Decorations.

Most Likely to Make Christmas Cookies for Everyone in the Neighborhood.

Most Likely to Buy Themselves a Christmas Present.

Most Likely to Wish for a White Christmas.

Most Likely to Spoil Christmas Dinner.

Most Likely to Wear Matching Christmas Pajamas.

Most Likely to Give the Best Christmas Presents.

Most Likely to Forget where they Hid the Christmas Gifts.

Most Likely to Take Down Christmas Decorations in February.

Most Likely to Accidentally Reveal what?s in Someone?s Present Before Christmas.

Most Likely to Get Stuck in the Chimney Pretending to be Santa.

Most likely to be secretly Santa.

Most likely to sing ‘Jingle Bells’ out of season.

Most likely to eat all the Christmas cookies.

Most likely to have Christmas decorations up in November.

Most likely to spend the entire holiday season in Christmas pajamas.

Most likely to cry during a Christmas movie.

Most likely to re-gift a Christmas present.

Most likely to overdose on hot cocoa during Christmas.

Most likely to have a Christmas tree in every room.

Most likely to go Christmas caroling alone.

Most likely to take a selfie with Santa.

Most likely to wear a Christmas sweater all year round.

Most likely to start a snowball fight.

Most likely to have a mistletoe above their head at all times.

Most likely to buy all presents on Christmas Eve.

Most likely to know every word to ‘All I Want For Christmas is You.’

Most likely to deck their pet out in Christmas gear.

Most likely to believe in Santa Claus.

Most likely to keep Christmas lights up all year.

Most likely to be found under the mistletoe at the Christmas Party.

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