Mommie Dearest Quotes – Unveiling the Dark Side of Motherhood

No wire hangers ever!

Tina, bring me the axe!

I am not one of your fans!

I’m the one who had her ovaries removed!

Don’t fuck with me, fellas!

Give me another goddamn drink!

You always were one to hide behind your fuckin’ sweatshirt!

Why can’t you give me the respect that I’m entitled to?

You want fame? Well, fame costs. And right here is where you start paying. In sweat.

You’re a washout, darling! You couldn’t get a man if you tried!

I’m not mad at you. I just hate you!

I brought you into this world, and I can take you out of it!

I am the biggest ticket around. I am the biggest star!

There’s only one Christina and I’m it!

No wire hangers! What’s wire hangers doing in this closet when I told you: No wire hangers EVER?!

I want cleanliness… and godliness.

Teach me principles, be firm, make me one of America’s foremost actresses. Make sure she knows how to trill her R’s.

If you can’t clean it, forget it.

I’m not mad at you, Christina, I’m… I’m disappointed.

I told you to never use wire hangers!

I am Joan Crawford! And I’m still a star!

Don’t piss me off. And even if you do, just know that I can do much worse.

I never get the love I deserve!

You’re lucky to have me!

What a dump!

If you can’t find a job, make one!

I don’t need a husband, I need a wife!

Who’s gonna dress you now?

You’re replaceable, darling. Remember that.

Don’t ask questions about my actions. Just do as you’re told!

I always have the last word!

You want me to tell you the truth, my darling?

You’ve ruined everything!

My face is my fortune, darling.

I’m the most unforgettable character you’ll ever meet.

Choose me or your career. Accept or reject. Do or don’t.

I’m not one for regrets. I made choices and I stand by them.

Art is pain. And I’ve suffered plenty to become the legend I am.

I didn’t become Joan Crawford by playing it safe.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, puts Joan Crawford in the corner!

I’ve been in this business long enough to know when someone’s trying to pull one over on me.

I thrive on drama. It’s what keeps me going.

I don’t need sympathy. I need loyalty.

I’ve clawed my way to the top, and I’ll claw my way out if I have to.

You may think you have me figured out, but I’m always one step ahead.

I’m not a monster. I’m just misunderstood.

I don’t need your love. I need your respect.

There’s a fire inside of me that can never be extinguished.

I won’t let anyone tear me down. I’ll fight tooth and nail to protect my legacy.

I may be flawed, but I’m still a force to be reckoned with.

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