Marvel Incorrect Quotes

Sometimes I think Thor mistakes his hammer for a true love.

I am Groot, and I promise to water your plants even if you forget.

Peter Parker: ‘I think I’m going through identity crisis.’ Tony Stark: ‘Great, another superhero mid-life crisis.’

Loki: ‘I’m not evil, I just have a unique way of solving problems.’ Thor: ‘Yes, a unique way involving chaos and destruction.’

Steve Rogers: ‘Bucky! Are you a hero or a villain?’ Bucky Barnes: ‘Depends on the day and how much coffee I’ve had.’

Black Widow: ‘I’m like a cat, I always land on my feet.’ Hulk: ‘More like a cat with anger management issues.’

Tony Stark: ‘I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like tacos.’ Steve Rogers: ‘That’s a strange criteria for trust.’

Star-Lord: ‘I’m the master of improvisation.’ Drax: ‘More like the master of bad decisions.’

Rocket: ‘I may be small, but my attitude is extra large.’ Groot: ‘That’s because you’re compensating for your height.’

Gamora: ‘I’m the deadliest woman in the galaxy.’ Nebula: ‘Only because I haven’t killed you yet.’

Thor: ‘I’m the god of thunder!’ Loki: ‘And I’m the god of mischief.’ Tony Stark: ‘And I’m the god of sarcasm.’

Peter Parker: ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ Deadpool: ‘With great power comes great irresponsibility.’

Black Widow: ‘I have a dark past.’ Hawkeye: ‘I have a dark parking spot.’

Tony Stark: ‘I have a plan.’ Steve Rogers: ‘Is it a good plan or your typical ‘I’m going to wing it’ plan?’

Loki: ‘Trust me, I have a plan.’ Thor: ‘Oh great, here we go again.’

Peter Parker: ‘Being a hero means sacrificing everything.’ Tony Stark: ‘Being a hero also means no weekends or vacations.’

Rocket: ‘I may be small, but I’ve got a big gun.’ Drax: ‘Size doesn’t matter when you have terrible aim.’

Thor: ‘I have a mighty hammer.’ Deadpool: ‘I have mighty sarcasm.’

Rocket: ‘I am Groot.’ Thor: ‘I am Thor.’ Black Widow: ‘I am tired of these introductions.’

Star-Lord: ‘Being a superhero is all about being cool.’ Gamora: ‘No, being a superhero is about saving the galaxy.’

Rocket: ‘I never ask for help.’ Groot: ‘That’s because no one understands what you’re saying.’

Peter Parker: ‘I’m always caught in a love triangle.’ Tony Stark: ‘That’s because you have bad luck or bad choices.’

Loki: ‘I’m a villain with a tragic past.’ Thor: ‘You’re just a villain with a flair for dramatics.’

Black Widow: ‘I can be at five places at once.’ Hawkeye: ‘That’s because you’re more spy than superhero.’

Tony Stark: ‘I’m a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.’ Pepper Potts: ‘And a handful to deal with.’

Thor: ‘I’m the god of thunder, I fear nothing.’ Loki: ‘Except haircuts.’

Drax: ‘I have mastered the art of standing perfectly still.’ Star-Lord: ‘That’s because you don’t understand the concept of hiding.’

Peter Parker: ‘I’m the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.’ Deadpool: ‘I’m the annoying neighborhood Deadpool.’

Tony Stark: ‘I’m untouchable.’ Spider-Man: ‘Except for that time when you got punched by Captain America.’

Gamora: ‘I’m the deadliest assassin.’ Rocket: ‘I’m the deadliest raccoon.’

Black Widow: ‘I can kick butt in heels.’ Hawkeye: ‘But can you do it while running in them?’

Loki: ‘I have a plan, and it involves mischief, chaos, and a touch of brilliance.’ Thor: ‘So, your usual plan.’

Tony Stark: ‘I’m Iron Man, I’m always ready for a fight.’ Pepper Potts: ‘And I’m always ready to clean up the mess.’

Thor: ‘I’m the god of thunder, I’m not afraid of anything.’ Captain America: ‘Except maybe losing your hair.’

Rocket: ‘I have a spaceship, and I can fly anywhere.’ Groot: ‘I am Groot.’

Peter Parker: ‘I’m just a kid from Brooklyn.’ Tony Stark: ‘And a kid who never knows when to give up.’

Tony Stark: ‘I have a solution for everything.’ Bruce Banner: ‘Except your own ego.’

Star-Lord: ‘I’m the captain of the Milano.’ Gamora: ‘And I’m the voice of reason.’

Thor: ‘I’m the strongest Avenger.’ Hulk: ‘That’s only because I’m always angry.’

Loki: ‘I’m the god of mischief, I can’t be controlled.’ Thor: ‘Tell that to your past actions.’

Tony Stark: ‘I’m a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.’ Pepper Potts: ‘And a magnet for trouble.’

Rocket: ‘I have no sympathy for idiots.’ Groot: ‘I am Groot.’

Peter Parker: ‘Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years.’ Tony Stark: ‘Actually, you’re still a rookie.’

Drax: ‘I have mastered the art of invisibility.’ Star-Lord: ‘No, you’ve just mastered the art of standing very still.’

Black Widow: ‘I have a secret identity.’ Hawkeye: ‘And I have a secret stash of snacks.’

Thor: ‘I can summon lightning with my hammer.’ Loki: ‘And I can summon chaos with my mere presence.’

Tony Stark: ‘I’m Iron Man, I always have a witty comeback.’ Captain America: ‘And I always have an eye roll ready.’

Rocket: ‘I’m the smartest creature in the galaxy.’ Groot: ‘I am Groot.’

Peter Parker: ‘Being a superhero is all about responsibility.’ Deadpool: ‘I thought it was all about explosions and witty one-liners.’

Tony Stark: ‘I can build anything.’ Bruce Banner: ‘Except a normal functioning relationship.’

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