Lethal Weapon Quotes – Classic Lines from the Action Film Series

I’m too old for this!

Good cop, bad cop routine?

I’m the guy with a gun!

You think I’m crazy?

I’m gonna take you down!

Love and bullets, they’re the only things that really make sense.

I’m not a cop tonight, Roger. Tonight, I’m a soldier.

I’m driving, remember? I’m driving, remember?

You wanna be a big cop in a small town? Fuck off up to the model village.

It’s just been revoked!

I hope you don’t mind if I go a little easy on the brakes.

Gun-toting psycho, leaving a trail of dead men behind him.

Rog, meet your new partner.

Everybody’s got the right to be a sucker… once.

Come on, let’s go, we’ve got work to do.

You can’t always save everybody, Martin.

You’re getting too old for this shit!

Why don’t you do what you do best – walk away?

I’m not from a department. I’m from a different universe.

Now we can call the Dentist.

I’ll have a blueberry pie, an ice cream, a cup of coffee, two hard boiled eggs and whatever you got.

You have nothing to lose but your virginity.

Next time, don’t get your wife a goldfish for her birthday.

You know what they fuck you call someone who won’t fight back? Huh? A victim.

It’s just a busted TV!

I promise I’ll come back and finish the job!

Lethal Weapon Quotes – Classic Lines from the Action Film Series part 2

If you want to fuck him, you can fuck him. I don’t care!

You okay, man?

You have the right to suck my dick.

God hates me, that’s what it is.

I’m going to nail you to the floor!

Now we both be listin’ to the right!

You want me to drive?

I’m old enough to decide.

I wasn’t always like this, I had a life once.

Are you really crazy? Or do you just fake it?

I love my car.

You’re taking a break? Good, why don’t you take 10 of them!

We’re back!

I can still learn from you.

The beaches are in L.A., the ocean is in L.A.

You really know how to make a guy feel pretty secure.

I worked with the guy who killed my partner!

You know I never worked with a Fed before.

Trust me.

Good morning, detectives! What a lovely day in the neighborhood!

Don’t push it.

Don’t kill anybody.

Take the stairs, take the stairs! For God’s sake, take the stairs!

We’re partners, but that doesn’t make you family.

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