Karma Buddha Quotes

Do good everywhere you go, and let karma be your guide.

The universe rewards those who plant positive seeds.

Karma is the mirror that reflects your actions.

Your actions today will shape your karma tomorrow.

What goes around comes around, that’s the law of karma.

Choose your actions wisely, for they will come back to you.

Don’t wait for karma to come knocking on your door, make it happen.

The energy you put out into the world will come back to you.

Be mindful of your words and actions, for karma is always listening.

Karma is not about punishment, but about growth and learning.

He who seeks revenge only creates a cycle of negative karma.

Karma is the gentle reminder that every action has consequences.

The choices you make today will determine your karma tomorrow.

Don’t hold grudges; karma will take care of it.

Be the source of positive karma in the world.

Karma is the ultimate balance keeper in the universe.

The more you give, the more good karma you receive.

Karma is the bridge between cause and effect.

Your actions speak louder than words; let your karma do the talking.

Don’t underestimate the power of good karma.

Karma is not something to fear; it is something to embrace.

What you do to others, you ultimately do to yourself.

Bad karma is the result of bad intentions.

Karma is the road map to enlightenment.

Karma is the teacher that shows us the lessons we need to learn.

There are no shortcuts in building good karma.

If you want to change your karma, change your actions.

Karma is the equalizer; it brings justice to the world.

Be kind to others, for karma always remembers.

Your destiny is shaped by your karma.

Karma doesn’t discriminate; it treats everyone equally.

The purpose of karma is to guide us towards our highest self.

Let karma be your compass in times of uncertainty.

Karma is the architect of our life’s journey.

Don’t let negativity disrupt your karma’s flow.

Karma is the ultimate traveler; it follows you wherever you go.

Your actions today can heal your past karma.

Choose love over hate, and let karma work its magic.

Don’t seek revenge; karma will take care of it in due time.

Karma is the gentle reminder that we are all connected.

Karma is the ultimate truth teller.

Good karma is the result of selfless actions.

Karma is the gift that keeps on giving.

Be the change you want to see in the world, and let karma follow.

Karma is the ultimate game-changer.

Your intentions shape your karma, so choose them wisely.

Karma is the path to spiritual awakening.

What you give is what you get; that’s the magic of karma.

Don’t blame karma for your actions; take responsibility and grow.

Karma is the divine balance in the universe.

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