Inspiring Quotes from Knights Throughout History

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A knight’s highest honor lies not in his crown, but in his nobility of heart.

The sword of a knight is as sharp as his wisdom and as steady as his faith.

In the heart of a knight rests not the love for a princess, but the love for justice and righteousness.

Being a knight means standing tall, even when your armor weighs you down.

True knights don’t marry princesses. They protect them.

Knight’s heart is a fortress, his sword is the key.

Knights do not fear the darkness for they have the stars’ light within them.

The makings of a knight are not the armor, but his chivalrous deeds.

Knights fall, but they always rise again with the dawn.

A knight’s oath, made to his king and to his heart, is as unbreakable as his armor.

Chivalry is not a code but a way of life for a knight.

Knighthood is not a title, but a state of mind and heart.

The real armor of a knight is his character, not his metal suit.

Defeat is not in the vocabulary of a true knight.

A true knight fights not because he hates what’s in front of him, but because he loves what’s behind him.

Every Knight has a dragon to fight, a damsel to rescue and a kingdom to save. The dragons are just not always what they seem.

Strength doesn’t define a knight, it’s the courage that they show in the face of adversity that does.

Knight by title, hero by action.

The brightest stars are those that shine for the benefit of others.

Just like a knight in shining armor, a good character will always shine through.

A knight is sworn to valor, his heart knows only virtue.

The heart of a knight is as strong as his armor.

Knight chooses, not chance, guides his destiny.

In the kingdom of spirit, a knight looks not toward victories, but towards battles.

The knight lives in each of us, you just have to awaken it.

True knights don’t fear the battles, they fear a life without them.

The sword of a knight is not in metal but in his valor, loyalty, and spirit.

Iron forges a sword, gold a knight.

Might in a knight is strength well-governed.

The difference between a soldier and a knight is not the armor, but the code they live by.

The knight prefers the heart to the sword but carries both.

In life, as in chess, the knight moves in unexpected ways.

A knight doesn’t always shine, as some battles are fought in darkness.

A knight?s greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising higher with each fall.

Knighthood is not a title, but a state of mind.

The worth of a knight is not measured by the number of his victories, but by the strength of his will.

The blade of a knight is as sharp as his honor is bright.

Courage may define a warrior, but it is compassion that shapes a knight.

A true knight is rich in kindness, and his wealth is measured in deeds, not coins.

The journey of a thousand quests begins with a single swing of a knight’s sword.

In the realm of knights, honor is an armor as strong as any steel.

To be a knight is not a title, it is a behavior.

Only in the heart of a knight resides the shining light of chivalry.

A knight is not recognized by his armor, but by his courage.

The sword is but an extension of the knight’s brave heart.

In the battlefield of life, be a knight. Stand with honor and integrity.

A knight doesn’t hide from the dark, he banishes it with his inner light.

The knight serves, the knight protects, the knight keeps faith.

Being a knight is not about winning the battle, it’s about standing up after the loss.

The will of a knight is in his determination, not in his sword.

A knight’s strength isn’t measured by his armor, but by the battles he fights without it.

Knights never retreat, they merely move forward in a different direction.

The path of the knight is a road of relentless honor.

Every knight has his day, every day has its knight.

To be a knight, one must act with nobility, courage, and generosity of spirit.

The knight does not seek fame, but honor in serving others sacrificially.

Chivalry is not a cloak that a man puts on and off at will, it is a part of him, like the heart of a true knight.

Even in the face of defeat, a knight will rise and charge again.

In silence, a knight prepares; in action, a knight reveals.

The lone knight reaps honor; the knight in company shares it.

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