Iconic Hat Quotes: The Epitome of Style and Personality


A hat is a flag, a shield, a bit of armor, and the badge of femininity.

Sometimes, all you need to change your day is a tip of a hat.

Life is like a hat. You never know what’s inside until you put it on.

A hat is the expression of a woman’s soul.

A well-tied hat is the first serious step in life.

In my world, the hat I wear is an extension of my personality.

There is no hat without a story, no wear without an adventure.

Wearing a well-crafted hat, you?ll find that the world starts to look a little bit better.

The hat is the cherry on top of a good mood sundae.

Hats are like love? there?s a hat out there for everyone.

Life isn’t perfect but your hat can be.

In the right hat, there are no bad hair days.

Hats off to those who dare to be different.

The right hat can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one.

You hold onto your hat and experience the adventure life throws your way.

Without hats, we would have no halo to hold.

Hats are about emotion – it is all about how it makes you feel.

Every hat has its history, every wear has its moment.

Live every day as if it were Hat Day.

A hat is not just a hat. It’s an expression of who you are.

A hat is the dot on the ‘i’ of personal style.

When you wear a hat, you become the dream that started when the hat was conceived.

Every hat tells a story, choose yours wisely.

Life may be a little crazy, but at least I’ve got my thinking hat on.

Wearing a hat is like having a baby or a puppy; everyone stops to coo and talk about it.

Life is like a new hat. You don’t know if it suits you until you try it on.

You can’t wear a hat without expressing a dramatic statement.

A hat is the only piece of clothing that men know something about.

Cock your hat – angles are attitudes.

You can flirt with a fan, you can flirt behind a glove, but when you flirt in a hat – you mean business.

The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize. No creature on this planet has mastered hats quite like humans.

The right hat may also be the right medicine.

Hats are like halos for fashion saints.

Your hat may not define you, but it surely adds extra glamour to your personality.

A hat isn’t just about fashion, it’s about framing the art piece that is you.

You can celebrate the magic of life with a hat.

A woman is not really dressed unless she is wearing a hat.

You cannot put the same hat on every head.

A man?s character always takes its hue, more or less, from his hat.

Life is like a hat. You can wear it anywhere you want, but it takes the right person to wear it.

A hat is the dot on the ‘i’ of personality.

Life is better when you?re wearing a stylish hat.

Just like magic, a good hat never goes out of style.

Never leave home without a hat!

A hat doesn’t only shield you from the sun, it also adds a touch of elegance to your outfit.

A hat is a flag, a shield, a bit of armor, and the badge of femininity. A hat is the difference between wearing clothes and wearing a costume; it?s the difference between being dressed and being dressed up; it?s the difference between looking adequate and looking your best.

A hat is an expression of a woman?s soul. It?s something that she can put on and become what she feels like being that day.

Life is short, wear your best hat.

If a hat doesn’t bring out the royalty in you, then it’s not the right hat.

Say yes to messes, especially those under a hat.

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