Gender Reveal Sayings – Celebrating the Big Announcement

Blue or pink, what do you think?

A little prince or a princess, who will it be?

Team boy or team girl, let’s find out in this world.

Buck or doe, soon we will know.

Prince charming or a princess in disguise?

It’s time to reveal the gender, let’s celebrate together.

Will it be a he or a she? We can’t wait to see.

Blue or pink, a new baby is coming, what do you think?

Is it a boy or a girl? Let’s go for a whirl.

Put your guesses to rest, it’s time for the gender reveal test.

We’re bursting with pride as we announce the gender inside.

Twinkle, twinkle little star, who will you be, near or far?

Pink or blue, we’re excited for our big clue.

Boy or girl, we’ll welcome them into our world.

A little boisterous boy or a dainty little girl, our lives will soon unfurl.

Will it be a he or a she? We soon will see.

It’s not just a baby, it’s a future king or queen.

Let the confetti fly, it’s time to know the reason why.

Pink or blue balloons will reveal our little one’s hues.

Which color will it be? Come and see.

Boy or girl, the gender reveal will make our hearts twirl.

It’s time to spill the beans, let us know the gender of this little bean.

Pink or blue, we’re over the moon.

A bouncing baby boy or a precious little girl, our hearts are all a-whirl.

It’s time to reveal the surprise, we can’t wait to see the joy in our eyes.

Anticipating the gender, the countdown draws nearer.

Will it be a tie or a tutu? We’ll find out soon.

A prince or a princess, we’ll soon be blessed.

Time to let the cat out of the bag, will it be a girl or a lad?

Boy or girl, we’re ready to give it a whirl.

A little boy or a little girl, our lives are about to unfurl.

Let the confetti flow, it’s time for the big show.

Time to unbox the gender, let’s celebrate and remember.

Pink or blue, dreams coming true.

A surprise awaits, let’s break open the gates.

It’s time to let the secret slip, pink or blue, what’s afoot in this crib?

Boy or girl, it’s time to unfurl.

Will it be Batman or Barbie? We’ll soon see.

Blue or pink, what do you think? The gender reveal’s on the brink.

It’s a reveal day, we’re here to stay.

Will it be a prince or a princess fair? We’ll find out soon, let’s prepare.

Boy or girl, a new addition to give our world.

It’s time to take a peek, what will the gender reveal speak?

We’re ready for the surprise, bring on the boy or girl cries.

Pink or blue, we can’t wait to meet you.

Will it be sugar or spice? It’s time to roll the dice.

Boy or girl, our hearts are in a whirl.

Buck or doe, it’s time to let it show.

It’s time to unveil the mystery, will it be a boy or a girl in our family?

Pink or blue, what will it be? We can’t wait to see the little one you’ll be.

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