Funny Truck Quotes

I brake for unicorns and ice cream trucks.

My truck is like my second home…with worse furniture.

Life is too short to drive a boring truck.

If the truck’s rockin’, don’t come knockin’.

I don’t need therapy, I just need a bigger truck.

Truck drivers have bigger hauls and smaller patience.

The only thing tougher than my truck is my ex-wife.

I may be old, but my truck’s still got it.

My truck may be rusty, but it’s still trusty.

Duct tape and a truck can fix anything.

I’d rather be driving my truck.

I wouldn’t trust a skinny truck driver.

Caution: truck may contain sarcasm.

Forget love, I’d rather fall in diesel fuel.

Truck drivers do it with bigger wheels.

The only thing louder than my truck is my music.

Warning: Wrinkles and gray hair come standard with this truck.

Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of my truck.

If the truck is a-rockin’, I’m probably stuck in traffic.

Happiness is a full gas tank and an empty highway.

I’m not speeding, I’m just testing the truck’s limits.

I may drive a truck, but I still have a soft spot for kittens.

If you can read this, you’re too close to my truck.

Truck drivers: keeping America moving and coffee companies in business.

I don’t need a chauffeur, I’ve got my truck.

My truck may be old, but it’s got character.

Life is better with a lifted truck and mud on your tires.

Behind every great truck driver is an even better playlist.

Sometimes, all you need is an open road and a full tank of gas.

Truck drivers: making wide turns and bad puns since forever.

Truck drivers carry more than just cargo, we carry the weight of the road.

I may drive a truck, but don’t let that fool you, I’m intelligent too.

Truck drivers: putting the ‘big’ in ‘big rigs.’

I’m not a truck driver, I’m a road warrior.

Life is too short for boring trucks and bad company.

My truck may be dirty, but so is my sense of humor.

Sweat, tears, and diesel fuel make the world go round for truck drivers.

Trucks and tacos: two things that always make me happy.

I don’t need a GPS, my truck knows where it’s going.

Truck drivers: the unsung heroes of the open road.

I’d rather be stuck in traffic with my truck than anywhere else.

Truck drivers: making deliveries and memories on the open road.

My truck may have a few dents, but it’s got a lot of heart.

If you’re gonna ride my tailgate, at least pull my hair first.

Truck drivers know how to keep it rolling, even when life gets tough.

Happiness is a full tank of gas and the wind in your hair.

I may drive a truck, but I also know how to parallel park.

Truck drivers don’t have road rage, they have road enthusiasm.

I’d rather be driving my truck than sitting in a cubicle.

My truck may not be the fastest, but it’s definitely the most fun.

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