Funny Quotes About Snow

Snowflakes are like kisses from heaven, except for when they land in your mouth.

Snow makes everything look beautiful, until you have to shovel it.

Nothing makes me appreciate a warm bed more than waking up to a winter wonderland outside.

Snowmen are the only people who can be dismembered and still keep a smile on their face.

I don’t trust the snow. It’s always trying to flake on me.

If life gives you snow, make snow cones.

Snow is like a surprise party from nature. It’s cold, messy, and you have to clean up afterwards.

Snowstorms are nature’s way of saying, ‘Stay inside and eat soup.’

Snowstorms bring out the inner child in all of us, mainly because we’re all stuck at home with nothing else to do.

Some people count sheep to fall asleep, I count snowflakes.

Snow is the ultimate excuse for canceling plans and staying in bed.

Snow is just God’s way of giving us a temporary white blanket to cover up all our mistakes.

Snow: the only weather phenomenon that is simultaneously beautiful and annoying.

If you think a snowstorm is romantic, you’ve never had to dig your car out of a snowbank.

Snow isn’t just cold, it’s a flaky friend that disappears when you need it the most.

Snow: the only thing that can turn a grown adult into a giggling child.

Roses are red, snowballs are cold. Let’s have a snowball fight, before we get too old.

Snow is like glitter that falls from the sky. Except it’s cold, wet, and ruins your hair.

Snow is a reminder that even the most pristine things in life can turn to mush with a little warmth.

Snowflakes are like little icicle fairies that fall from the sky.

Snow is just frozen rain that couldn’t make up its mind.

Snow is the reason snowmen are always so chill.

Snowflakes are like tiny, intricate snow angels that drift to the ground.

Snow is the only thing that makes shoveling seem like a worthwhile activity.

Snowmen have the best fashion sense. They always have the coolest accessories.

Snow is just Mother Nature’s way of reminding us to wear layers.

I love snowboarding, but I hate snowball fights. It’s like asking for trouble and a black eye.

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. If life gives you snow, make snow angels.

Snow is like a giant cosmic carpet that covers the world in white.

Snow is the only thing that can make a flaky person look reliable.

Snowflakes are like little snow selfies that nature takes and sends to us in real time.

Snowstorms are like the ultimate Netflix and chill invitation from Mother Nature.

Snowflakes are like frozen whispers from the clouds above.

Snow is the only thing that can compete with my love for hot cocoa.

Snow: the ultimate excuse for skipping the gym and building a snow fort instead.

Snow is Mother Nature’s way of Photoshopping the world in white.

Snow is like a blank canvas, waiting for the next Picasso with a sled and snow boots.

Snow is proof that Mother Nature has a sense of humor, or really bad aim.

Snow is the only thing that can make commuting a fun and adventurous experience.

Snowflakes are like little winter confetti that celebrate the arrival of a snowstorm.

Snow is the only thing that can make a gray day look bright and beautiful.

Snow is like a magical eraser, covering up all the flaws on the ground.

Snow is like the frosting on a winter cake, except it’s much colder and melts faster.

Snow is like an art installation that only lasts for a few days, then turns into mush.

Snowflakes are like little pieces of heaven that fall to the ground.

Snow is the only boss that can shut down an entire city with just a few flakes.

Snow is like icing sugar that gets sprinkled on the world by little snow fairies.

Snowstorms are like surprise parties, except you have to shovel your way out of the mess.

Snow is the only thing that can turn a frown upside down without even trying.

Snow is like a free spa day for the earth, with lots of exfoliation and rejuvenation.

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