Funny Hawaiian Sayings

Aloha, I’m here for the Mai Tais and Hawaii Five-O reruns.

In Hawaii, palm trees do the hula and coconuts do the limbo.

When life gives you lemons, add some pineapple and make a tropical cocktail.

In Hawaii, we don’t run on coffee, we run on aloha spirit!

Life’s a beach, so grab a cocktail and enjoy the waves.

Hawaii: where flip flops are considered formal attire.

Every day is a vacation when you live in Hawaii. Just watch out for the lava flows!

In Hawaii, we measure time in surf sessions and sunsets.

Hawaii is the only place where it’s acceptable to wear a lei to work.

When in doubt, just say ‘Aloha’ and throw in a shaka for good measure.

Hawaiian shirts: the unofficial uniform for professional vacationers.

Hang loose, stay cool, and never forget your sunscreen!

Hawaii is the only place where you can get a tan while sipping a lava flow.

Why worry about tomorrow when there’s a luau happening tonight?

In Hawaii, every sunset is an Instagram moment waiting to happen.

When life gets tough, just picture yourself dancing the hula on a white sand beach.

Did you hear about the Hawaiian chef? He got fired for adding too much aloha spirit to the food.

Hawaiian pizza is like a tropical vacation for your taste buds.

The best way to cure the Monday blues? Take a mental trip to Hawaii and dream of surf sessions.

In Hawaii, we have a word for that feeling you get when you take your first sip of a Mai Tai: pure bliss.

Forget about the fast lane, in Hawaii, we take the scenic route.

If life gives you coconuts, find a hammock and make a tropical drink.

Surf’s up, so grab your board and let your worries wash away.

Life is better when you’re wearing a flower crown and doing the hula.

Hawaii: the only place where the word ‘aloha’ can mean both ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye.’

Live life with a hula hoop and a coconut bra, and you’ll always be in the aloha spirit.

Hawaii is the only place where it’s acceptable to wear a grass skirt to a business meeting.

When I die, I want to be buried at the bottom of a big wave in Hawaii!

You know you’re in Hawaii when you can’t tell if it’s raining or if it’s just a refreshing island mist.

In Hawaii, we don’t need GPS. We just follow the sound of the ukulele and the smell of the ocean.

Hawaii: where even the chickens have a laid-back island attitude.

Hawaii is the only place where having sand in your car is considered good luck.

Forget about finding Nemo, in Hawaii, we’re too busy searching for the perfect wave.

If life hands you a pineapple, make piña coladas and have a luau!

In Hawaii, we don’t say ‘cheers,’ we say ‘aloha’ and clink our Mai Tais together.

The best suntan lotion is a big hat and a tropical drink in hand.

Hawaii is the only place where your boss will understand if you’re late because of a sea turtle crossing.

Who needs roller coasters when you can ride the waves in Hawaii?

Hawaii: the land of aloha spirit, pineapple farms, and endless rainbows.

In Hawaii, we don’t have snow days, we have surf days and Mai Tai breaks.

Hawaii: the only place where being lei’d is a good thing.

If life gives you coconuts, make a tropical cocktail and have a beach party.

In Hawaii, we have a secret ingredient in our recipes: aloha spirit!

Hawaii: where the palm trees sway and the coconuts fall on your head.

The best way to start the day in Hawaii? A sunrise hike followed by acai bowls on the beach.

In Hawaii, we don’t say ‘I love you,’ we say ‘I lava you,’ and it’s hotter than a volcano.

Hawaii is the only place where ‘going with the flow’ is a lifestyle, not just a saying.

Life is better in a grass skirt and a coconut bra. Just ask any hula dancer in Hawaii!

Hawaii: where the sunsets are as colorful as the cocktails.

In Hawaii, we don’t sweat, we just glisten with the aloha spirit.

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