Funny cowboy sayings

I’m so good at roping cattle, I could probably tie my shoes in under 8 seconds.

I’m not afraid of snakes, but I’d rather be riding my horse than having one slither up my boot.

I may be a cowboy, but I sure don’t have a six-shooter. It’s more like a four or five-shooter.

I heard those city slickers invented something called a ‘cell phone.’ Well, I prefer my trusty old ‘cow bell’ any day.

You know you’re a cowboy when you can tell the weather just by the smell of the wind.

Never trust a cowboy with clean hands. It means he’s never done a honest day’s work.

Life’s too short to ride a slow horse or wear boring boots.

Cowboys don’t count the days ’til the weekend, ’cause every day’s a rodeo.

People say cowboys have a horse whisperer. Well, this cowboy has a boot whisperer.

You know you’ve found a true cowboy if he’s got more dirt on his hat than he does on his boots.

A cowboy’s best friend isn’t his horse, it’s his trusty lasso. It’s always there when he needs a helping hand.

If you want a real cowboy, look for a man with a crooked smile and a straight hat.

Just because we ride horses and wear cowboy hats, doesn’t mean we all know how to sing like Garth Brooks.

You know what they say, a cowboy without a horse is like a Texan without a truck – it just ain’t right.

If you’re talking to a cowboy and he starts talking with a drawl, just know it’s not an accent, it’s a lifestyle.

I once saw a cowboy ride a bull for 8 seconds. Then the bull said, ‘Thanks for the warmup,’ and kept going.

A cowboy’s best dance partner isn’t a woman, it’s a wild stallion. Try two-stepping with that!

Cowboys aren’t afraid of ghosts, we’ve got too much rodeo dust in our boots to be spooked by anything.

You know you’re a cowboy when a tumbleweed blowing across the road is the most exciting thing you’ve seen all day.

If a cowboy falls off his horse, he doesn’t get mad, he pretends it was part of the rodeo and takes a bow.

Some cowboys might be tough as nails, but underneath our hats, we’ve all got a heart of gold.

Who needs fancy gadgets when you’ve got a trusty lasso? It’s the original ‘Swiss Army’ tool.

Life’s not always about wrestling cattle and riding broncos. Sometimes a cowboy just wants a good cup of coffee and a warm fire.

Cowboys may not be professionals at everything, but we sure know how to throw a mean lasso around a problem and wrangle it down.

One thing you’ll never see in a cowboy’s boots is a pair of high heels. We like to stay grounded on the Texas soil.

You’d think cowboys would have a lot of secrets, but the truth is, we’ll tell you anything if you offer us a cold beer.

It’s not easy being a cowboy, but it sure beats being a city slicker stuck in traffic.

They say a cowboy’s hat is his crown. Well, what does that make his boots? Magic slippers, of course.

You can take the cowboy out of the West, but you can’t take the West out of the cowboy.

I don’t need fancy cowboy boots to ride a horse, I just need a sturdy pair of sneakers and a strong will.

I once roped a cloud and tamed a wild wind. Now all I need to conquer is a stubborn mule.

A cowboy always takes his boots off before entering a house. It’s just good manners, and it helps keep the place clean.

Half the cowboy’s work is horse handling, the other half is still horse handling, and the rest is just plain stubbornness.

A cowboy’s idea of a fancy meal is beans, beans, and more beans. We hold the record for the highest bean consumption in the West.

A cowboy may get bucked off his horse from time to time, but he always gets right back in the saddle, ready for the next challenge.

Riding a horse? Easy. Stacking hay bales? Piece of cake. Texting with a flip phone? Now that’s true cowboy finesse.

If you’re not spitting out a mouthful of dust while riding a horse, you’re not doing it right.

Real cowboys don’t complain about hot summers. We just grab a cold beer and find a shady tree to take a nap under.

Just because we ride horses doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate a good mechanical bull ride. It’s like a vacation from reality!

The only thing scarier than riding a wild bull is getting between a cowboy and his coffee in the morning.

If a cowboy has a bone to pick with you, it’s probably a buffalo bone. And you don’t want to mess with a buffalo bone.

At the rodeo, cowboys ride bulls for fun, but we still can’t fathom why people ride bicycles in traffic.

Being a cowboy isn’t always about toughness. Sometimes it’s about finding the courage to sit down and have a good cry after a long day.

You can take a cowboy to the city, but he’ll still rope anything that moves and call it a wild steer.

If a cowboy accidentally brushes against a cactus, he won’t flinch. He’ll just say, ‘That’s another notch on the ol’ prickly belt.’

In a cowboy’s world, the sun sets with a glowing orange sky, and you can hear the wind whispering sweet nothings through the prairie grass.

When a cowboy gets thrown off his horse, he doesn’t cry ‘Uncle!’ He yells ‘Encore!’ and hops right back on for another wild ride.

A cowboy’s home is where the hat hangs and the bedrolls are rolled. The rest is just scenery.

At the rodeo, the cowboys don’t compete against each other. We compete against gravity, bulls, and the occasional tumbleweed.

They say cowboys are a dying breed, but we’ll keep riding, roping, and wrangling until the cattle come home.

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