Famous and Inspirational Sayings About Windows

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Windows to the world are the windows to the soul.

A window is more than just glass; it’s a portal to outside inspiration.

Every window has a story to tell.

Life is like a window ? your view can change depending on how you want to see it.

Windows: offering a glimpse of hope, even in the darkest rooms.

A closed window is an opportunity to create your own light.

Through every window is another chance to see beauty.

Windows don’t create the view, they just reveal it.

A clear window reflects the clarity of our thoughts and ambitions.

Windows are the eyes of a house, looking out onto the world.

Open the window to your heart; let the fresh breeze of new opportunities in.

In each window frame lies the portrait of life.

A room without windows isn’t lifeless, it’s full of potential for your imagination to fill.?

?No two windows offer the same view, just like no two perspectives are identical.?

?An open window is an invitation to explore the world.?

Windows, where daydreams are framed and reflections are born.

The window of opportunity may close too soon, so reach out and grab it.

Eternity is hidden behind the window, all we have to do is look out.

Sometimes all you need is a window to change your perspective.

Thank your windows; they keep the storms out but let the sunshine in.

Windows: nature’s way of bringing the outdoors in.

Through a window, you don’t just see the world outside; you also see the world within.

A house without windows is like a life without dreams.

Windows: the soul’s gateway to the world.

Windows are the eyes of a home.

Windows are the portals through which we witness life’s story.

With a new window comes a new perspective.

A window lets the silence out and the world in.

From the right window, you can see your future unfold.

Every window has a tale to tell, if only walls could speak.

Windows, the portals of light and life.

A window doesn’t hide the world, it frames it.

A window wide open to the mysteries of the universe.

Windows: Not just glass and panes, but frames to countless scenes.

Every window is a new beginning; every reflection a consideration of the past.

Windows aren’t just for looking out, but for looking into your soul.

Peering through the window of opportunity, one can see a world of possibilities.

The soul, like a window, should be clear enough to let light in, yet istill offering a reflection.

Windows are where dreams meet reality.

The wider the window, the broader the perspective.

The window of opportunity may not open itself unless you pick up a hammer.

A house without windows is like a life without dreams.

Windows to the world are what we need, not walls.

Every window has a story to tell, if only you dare to look through it.

Windows don’t just let you see out, they also let the world peek in.

The window of the soul is not always found in the eyes, but in one’s deeds.

A window is a transparent gatekeeper of the weather.

Looking through the window of past, shouldn’t block the view of your present.

Windows are the eyes of our homes, giving us glimpses of the world outside.

A window left open invites opportunity, as well as the cold.

Windows offer glimpses of other lives and other choices.

The soul, like a window, should be clear to let the light illuminate everything inside.

A clean window shows a clean mind in reflection.

Windows can be deceptive; what you see outside, may not reflect what’s inside.

The window of perception can be clouded with judgement, keep it clear with understanding.

The world outside your window is as big or as small as you perceive it.

A closed window can keep the wind out, but it also blocks the fresh air.

Bright lights in the window can be a beacon of hope in dark times.

Windows are mirrors, they reflect us as much as they reflect the outer world.

Windows can be doors, if you’re brave enough to climb through.

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