Duck Hunting Sayings: Famous Quips and Quotes

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The thrill of the quack can’t be beat.

Just a hunter and his duck call.

Duck hunting: The best kind of early morning.

Hunt like the duck’s life depends on it.

May your aim be true and your duck calls loud.

A duck in the hand is worth two in the bush.

I’m here for the duck tales and hunting fails.

Morning vibes, hunting skies.

Hunt, shoot, retrieve; the rhythm of the marsh.

Nothing like the sound of a duck on a lake.

When ducks fly, shots sound like music.

Wake, Call, Shoot, Repeat.

Echoes of a duck call at dawn.

Here for the quacks and the decoy stacks.

Duck season is my favorite season.

Quack is beautiful; silence is duck soup.

Quack addict on the loose.

The early bird gets the duck.

Waddle this way to hunt.

You can’t fly with the ducks if you quack like a turkey.

Don’t count your ducks before they hatch.

Patience is the key for the duck hunter.

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck… then shoot.?

The early bird hunter gets the duck!

Missing out on sleep is worth the quack of dawn.

Waking up before the sunrise is worth it when you?re duck hunting.

If you call them, they will come.

A bad day duck hunting still beats a good day at the office.

It’s all about the decoys.

It’s not just hunting, it’s a way of life.

Keep calm and carrier on hunting.?

The only thing I shoot with my camera is a bird.

May the flock be with you.

Fall feathery isn’t just a season, it’s a feeling.

Duck hunting, it’s cheaper than therapy.

Silence is golden…unless you?re duck hunting, then it?s kinda suspicious.

Time spent in the blind is never wasted.

Just wing it and let the feathers fall.

Good things come to those who wait…in duck blinds!

There’s always a reason to duck around.

The best alarm clock is the sound of ducks overhead.

Dream big. Hunt more.

A day in the duck blind is worth a thousand elsewhere.

Where ducks land, happiness is never far behind.

The call of the wild…duck.

Get your quack on!

Shoot for the quack, even if you miss, you?ll land among the ducks.

Patient as a duck, swift as a bullet!

Every duck has its day.

If it quacks like a duck, aim like a hunter.

Ducks flock together, but the best ones make a fine dinner.

No such thing as too early for duck hunting.

The early hunter gets the duck.

A duck in sight is a day well spent.

Make every quack count.

The only good duck is the one on dinner plates.

Duck hunting: Where mornings are well spent.

It’s always duck season in a hunter’s heart.

In the heart of a hunter, every weather is duck weather.

Calm as a still pond; sharp as a hunter’s aim.

Where there’s a quack, there’s a shot.

Duck hunting: it’s like a box of shotgun shells, you never know what you’re gonna get.

The quack of dawn.

If a duck flies during the sunrise, tonight it joins the feast.

Hunting: The ultimate game of duck, duck, boom!

Keep calm and hunt on.

Always have your duck in a row, preferably in the sight of your gun.

Where there are ducks, there’s fun to be had and meals to be made.

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