Discovering the Delicious World of Fun Pizza Facts

Pizza was originally invented in Naples, Italy.

The word pizza comes from the Latin word picea, meaning blackening of bread crust.

The first pizzeria in the United States, Lombardi’s, was opened in New York City in 1905.

Pizza became popular in the United States after World War II, when returning soldiers who had tasted it overseas introduced it to their friends and family.

The largest pizza ever made was 131 feet in diameter and weighed 51,257 pounds.

The most popular pizza topping in the United States is pepperoni.

In Japan, it is common to top pizzas with eel and squid.

In Sweden, they often eat pizza with banana curry as a topping.

The first pizza delivery was made in 1889 when Queen Margherita of Italy ordered a pizza from Pizzeria Brandi.

The largest pizza delivery order on record was a staggering 13,500 pizzas.

The world’s most expensive pizza can be found at Industry Kitchen in New York City and costs $2,700.

The record for the longest pizza delivery journey is held by Domino’s Pizza, which delivered a pizza to the International Space Station in 20

Pizza consumption increases by about 350% on Super Bowl Sunday in the United States.

Americans consume approximately 100 acres of pizza every day.

The most pizzas eaten in ten minutes is 45, a record set by Takeru Kobayashi of Japan.

The famous painter Andy Warhol once said, I think every woman should have a pizza, not just the celebrities.

In the United States, there is a National Cheese Pizza Day celebrated on September 5th.

The world’s largest pizza festival, Pizza Expo, takes place annually in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The highest-grossing pizza chain in the world is Domino’s Pizza.

The fastest pizza box folder in the world can fold 170 boxes in a minute.

Pizza Hut once explored the idea of delivering pizzas with a flying drone.

The first pizza vending machine was invented in Italy in 2009.

The longest pizza delivery route is from Perth to Melbourne in Australia, spanning over 4,600 kilometers.

The largest collection of pizza boxes in the world is held by Scott Wiener, who has over 1,000 different boxes from around the world.

The world’s most popular pizza topping is mushrooms.

There is a pizza museum in Philadelphia dedicated to the history and appreciation of pizza.

The largest pizza ever eaten by one person measured 23.23 square meters or 250 square feet.

The world’s fastest pizza maker can make 14 pizzas in just two minutes and 35 seconds.

Pizza was once considered a food for poor people in Italy and was primarily consumed by the working class.

In Denmark, they have a tradition of eating pizza with a knife and fork, never using their hands.

The first recorded pizza delivery in the United States was made in 1889 by Raffaele Esposito for Queen Margherita of Italy.

The world’s largest pizza chain is Domino’s Pizza, with over 17,000 locations worldwide.

In Sweden, they celebrate National Pizza Day on February 9th.

Pizza ovens can reach temperatures of up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

There is a pizza-themed amusement park called Pizza Brain in Philadelphia.

The world’s most expensive pizza box is made of gold and diamonds and costs $40,000.

The world’s oldest existing pizzeria is Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba in Naples, which has been operating since 17

The longest recorded pizza toss is 180 feet, set by Tony Gemignani in 2006.

The world’s biggest pizza party took place in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1990 and fed over 17,000 people.

In Russia, they have a pizza chain called Pizza Celentano named after the Italian singer Adriano Celentano.

The first pizza box with a built-in table was invented in India.

In Finland, they celebrate National Pizza Day on January 9th.

The world’s fastest pizza delivery was made via helicopter in 2004 and took just six minutes to travel 44 miles.

The most popular pizza chain in India is Pizza Hut.

There is a pizzeria in Japan that only serves mini pizzas that are the size of a silver dollar.

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