Crazy Fun Facts

Did you know that a duck’s quack doesn’t echo and no one knows why?

Australia is home to the world’s pink lakes.

The shortest war in history lasted only 38 minutes between Britain and Zanzibar in 1896.

Strawberries are not technically berries, but bananas are.

The world’s largest snowflake was recorded in Montana, measuring 15 inches in diameter.

Honey never spoils and can last indefinitely.

Cats have a specialized collarbone that allows them to always land on their feet.

The Great Wall of China is visible from space, but so are plenty of other man-made structures.

The world’s oldest known living tree is over 5,000 years old and located in California.

Slugs have four noses.

A teaspoon of neutron star weighs about 6 billion tons.

The longest wedding veil ever was longer than 63 football fields.

The word nerd was first coined by Dr. Seuss in his book If I Ran the Zoo.

The Eiffel Tower can be 15 centimeters taller in summer due to thermal expansion.

The average cloud weighs about 1.1 million pounds.

Snails can sleep for up to 3 years.

Abraham Lincoln’s hat had a secret pocket for storing important documents.

The shortest complete sentence in the English language is I am.

The longest word in the English language is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.

In Japan, it is considered good luck if a sumo wrestler makes your baby cry.

Crazy Fun Facts part 2

The average person will walk the equivalent of five times around the world in their lifetime.

Wombat feces are cube-shaped.

The world’s fastest ant can travel up to a meter per second.

Florida is the only place in the world where alligators and crocodiles coexist.

Astronauts can grow up to 2 inches taller when spending extended periods in space.

There are more possible iterations of a game of chess than there are atoms in the observable universe.

The first oranges were actually green and originated in southeast Asia.

The average person will spend six months of their lifetime waiting for red lights to turn green.

There is a town in Norway called Hell and it freezes over every winter.

Cows have best friends and can become stressed when they are separated.

Some turtles can breathe through their cloaca, a multi-purpose bodily orifice.

The world’s largest gummy bear weighs approximately 26 pounds.

Earth is the only planet not named after a god in the solar system.

The Dutch village of Giethoorn has no roads; only canals and footbridges.

The average person will eat about 35 tons of food in their lifetime.

The world’s largest chocolate bar weighed over 12,770 pounds.

Squirrels plant thousands of new trees each year by forgetting where they buried their acorns.

It is impossible to hum while holding your nose.

Humans share about 50% of their DNA with bananas.

The longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds.

The Empire State Building has its own zip code.

A group of flamingos is called a flamboyance.

The average person sheds about 600,000 particles of skin every hour.

The largest recorded snowflake was 15 inches in diameter and fell in Montana in 1887.

The first ever documented swimming race took place in the Nile River 2,000 years ago.

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