Compass Sayings: Navigating Life With Inspirational Quotes

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True North isn’t a place; it’s a feeling.

Life is like a compass. When you set your goals correctly, it will take you to the RIGHT direction.

Follow your inner compass, that’s where you’ll find your treasure.

Your heart is the compass, your mind is the map, your soul is the journey.

Without a compass, you don?t know where you?re heading.

Let your compass be your guide, not your fear.

Not all those who wander are lost, they are simply following the compass of their heart.

Always take a compass with you, because without it, you are clearly lost.

Compass does not show you the destination; but tells you which way to go.

May your heart’s compass point you toward kindness and love.

Your inner compass cannot guide you if you’re standing still.

A compass will never lose its way, just as true love will never fade.

Your moral compass should guide your journey in the same way a navigation compass guides a ship through the sea.

Only a compass in hand, and a desire in heart to explore, will help to guide you where you’re meant to go.

Our intuition is a compass perfectly aligned with our soul’s purpose.

Trusting someone is like giving them a compass to your heart.

Just like a compass, a loving heart always points back home.

As the compass points directly North, may your direction in life always be driven by good character and judgement.

When the compass of my heart points south, my love for you speaks the loudest.

The world is a compass; our actions, the needle that influences its course.

Compass of life, guide me to where my heart beats the loudest.

Like a compass needle that points north, a man’s accusing finger always finds a woman.

No matter how stormy the sea may be, a good compass will always lead you back home.

Your heart is the compass to navigate your journey in life.

True wisdom is a compass that can point the way in any direction.

Set your compass to the path less travelled and witness the unexplored magic.

You are the compass that guides me in this lost sea of uncertainty.

There’s no compass that can map your intuition or your heart.

I’m a compass constantly spinning, looking for a true North.

If life is a voyage, then hope is the compass guiding us through.

Laughter is the compass that makes life’s journey worth traveling.

To wander is to be alive; to have a compass is to never truly be lost.

With a compass and courage, every lost path becomes an adventure.

You don’t need a compass to find success, but you do need a plan.

A moral compass can navigate the murkiest of ethical waters.

Even in the midst of life’s many storms, we have the capacity to stand in the center of our own peace by using our inner compass.

Your dreams are your compass; they will always point towards your deepest desires.

Compass, compass on the table, guide me as well as you’re able.

When self-doubt creeps in, just remember your moral compass and let it guide your decision.

You are the captain of your life’s ship and the compass is your intuition.

When the compass of your heart aligns with the direction of your dreams, you’ve found your true North.

As long as I’ve got my compass, I’m never lost.

Life is a journey, take a compass and a heart full of courage.

A leader without a moral compass is like a ship without a compass, sailing blind.

Compass: Pointing exactly what direction you’re about to ignore.

Your heart is the best compass you can have in life.

With a sturdy pair of shoes and a compass, I can conquer anything.

A compass doesn’t tell you where you are, but where you could be.

Life will test you but remember this, when you walk up a mountain, your legs get stronger and you always have your compass.

My moral compass might not point North, but it always points me to the right direction.

Keep your compass close, for the honest arrow knows the way.

Every traveler has a compass, but only a few know how to read it.

Just like a compass, stay true to your path no matter the obstacles.

Just spin the compass, pick a direction, and embrace the journey.

Your inner compass knows where to go, don’t be afraid to follow its guidance.

A compass may point you North, but it’s your heart that will guide you home.

Running in circles in search of direction? Don?t forget the compass.

When the path seems blurry, look at your compass, not the fog.

Always bring your compass, it is better to arrive late than to get lost and never arrive.

A disturbed compass still has a sense of direction.

No matter the storm, a true captain always trusts his compass.

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