Cheetah Sayings: Quotes and Proverbs Inspired by the Fastest Land Animal

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Running with the heart of a Cheetah.

Cheetahs never look back, they are focused on now.

Dashing like a Cheetah, swift and firm.

Embrace the pace of your own Cheetah.

Cheetahs strive not to be successful but rather to be of value.

Be the Cheetah in the field of sheep.

Live by the speed, thrive by the heart; that’s the Cheetah spirit.

Wake up with the determination of a Cheetah.

The Cheetah doesn’t worry about the opinion of the sheep.

Aim high, run fast, be unstoppable like a Cheetah.

Feel the Cheetah, be the Cheetah.

Like a Cheetah, always be at the lead.

Life is short, run fast like a Cheetah.

Have a vision, chase it like a Cheetah.

Speed is temporary, greatness is forever. Be a Cheetah.

Cheetahs may sprint, but they don’t rush.

In the game of life, play like a Cheetah.

Have a Cheetah spirit, wild and free.

Embody the elegance and the courage of a Cheetah.

Be fast as a Cheetah, strong with your every move.

Unleash the Cheetah within.

Stay fast, stay hungry, stay Cheetah.

The world as the cheetah sees it: always on the run.

Live like a cheetah; quick to chase, slower to judge.

Fuelled by spirit, as swift as a cheetah.

Be spotted in the crowd, just like a cheetah.

Make your mark, run like a cheetah.

Glide gracefully, strike fearlessly – Cheetah mantra.

In a world full of snails, be a cheetah.

As fast as the wind, as silent as the forest, I am the cheetah.

With a heart of a cheetah, conquer your savannah.

The cheetah does not look at the size of the antelope; it looks at the speed.

Cheetahs: Proof that sometimes, it’s good to be a little wild.

When a cheetah runs, it does not look back.

Keep calm and run like a cheetah.

I don’t chase dreams, I hunt goals like a cheetah.

Even in sleep, a cheetah dreams in speed.

Live boldly, chase relentlessly ? the cheetah way.

Empowered by speed, honed by instincts, the cheetah roars in silence.

With cheetah-like focus, snatch your goals.

The silence of a cheetah is the sound of speed.

No one outruns a cheetah, no one outperforms determination.

As fast as a roaring cheetah.

Shine like a cheetah, fast and bright.

Grace of a gazelle, heart of a cheetah.

Cheetah on the chase, speed in grace.

Move in silence, strike like a cheetah.

The cheetah: the epitome of swiftness.

Don’t play a game of speed with the cheetah.

A world in a hurry, soul of a cheetah.

Cheetah’s rule: You snooze, you lose.

Cheetah sprint, world at blink.

Lessons from a cheetah: Every step counts.

Run like there’s a cheetah behind you.

Live life at cheetah speed, fast and free.

Be fearless as a cheetah, be brave as its heart.

I’ve got the speed of a cheetah and the might of a lion.

Wake up with the boldness of a cheetah.

Not everyone can handle the speed of a cheetah.

Dart like a cheetah, aim for the never.

Be swift like a cheetah, yet graceful in your stride.

Embrace the cheetah within, quick and daring.

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