Cheerleading Sayings: Inspiration and Motivation for Cheerleaders

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Be fierce, be fearless, reach for the stars.

Teamwork makes the dream work, let’s cheer!

Shake it off, move it right, let?s light up the night!

One team, one dream, together we’re supreme.

Dance hard, flip high; never dare to say goodbye!

With pride we lead, with heart we bleed, for victory we plead!

No guts, no glory, now let’s tell our story.

United we stand, together we land, let?s keep the trophy in our hand.

Fly high, do or die, dare to dream, cheer extreme.

Cheer loud, cheer proud, stand out in the crowd.

Red, blue, gold or white, never give up without a fight.

Go, fight, win; we?re here to usher you in!

Jump high, yell loud, make us proud.

Rise and shine, it?s cheer time!

One, two, three, four, bring the thunder, hear us roar!

Cheerleaders do it with spirit!

Keep calm and let the cheerleader handle it.

We got spirit, yes we do; we got spirit, how about you?!

If you believe in victory, then victory will believe in you.

Hop, skip, and leap, cheer is a climb that?s steep.

We?re not just cheerleaders, we?re dream feeders.

Strength, power, and cheers galore, we got this and so much more!

Pompoms, slogans, and a big, loud cheer; trust us to instill the fear.

Shout it loud, shout it clear, everyone should know, Cheer is here!

We cheer, we lead, we act out our part, we play for the name in front of the shirt.

It?s not the size of the cheerleader, it?s the size of cheer in the leader.

Believe in BLUE, believe in GOLD, believe in the power, bold and bold.

Cheering today for a victorious tomorrow.

Cheerleaders know it?s not about the glitz and glam; it?s about the passion and stamina.

We bend so we don?t break. That?s us, for cheer?s sake!

Conquer the game with spirit and cheer!

One team, one dream!

Victory requires heart, gain it with a cheer!

Rock the stands, rule the field!

Pump it up, push it out, show them what we?re all about!.

We cheer for glory, we cheer for pride!

Believe in your team, believe in cheer!

Jump high, shout loud, stand out from the crowd!.

Shake it off and cheer it on!

Fly high, do or die, dare to dream, cheer extreme!

Cheer your heart out, let the spirit echo!.

Cheer strong, cheer proud, cheer till the last whistle sounds!

Heart of a champion, spirit of a cheerleader!.

Paint the sky with cheers, let the rival teams fear!.

Be loud, be proud, cheer your heart out!.

Scream it out, stand your ground, make your cheers profound!

Cheer for victory, cheer for team, cheer for the joy and the extreme!.

Loud and proud, cheerleader?s vow!

Move like the wind, cheer like the thunder!

Keep calm and cheer on!

Let’s shake the ground, let’s up the score, our cheer team is hard to ignore!

With courage, strength, and lots of spirit, everyone will hear it!

Big bows, high toes, that’s the way cheerleading goes!

Keep calm and cheer on, let’s prove them wrong!

United we stand, together we cheer, no obstacle we fear!

Shout it loud, shout it clear, let everyone know why we’re here!

We’re not just cheerleaders, we’re dream achievers!

Full of glitter and full of grace, champions born to take first place!

The higher we jump, the louder we cheer, we’re a team, have no fear!

Stunts high, spirits higher, we set the game on fire!

Hear our roar, feel our might, cheerleaders ready for the fight!

With every cheer and every shout, we turn this game inside out!

Pom-poms high, spirits higher, watch us set the game on fire!

Strong and bold, silver and gold, cheerleading stories to be told!

One team, one dream, cheerleaders who beam!

If it were easy, they’d call it football. Welcome to cheerleading, y’all!

Bows to toes, high to low, that’s the way we steal the show!

Cheer so loud, make the crowd proud!

We don’t sweat, we sparkle, we’re cheerleaders, ready to twinkle!

With glitter in our veins, we’ve got cheer in our brains!.

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