Cheerful and Witty Sayings to Personalize Your Yeti Cups

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Caffeinated and Fully Motivated

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere

Keep Your Cold Drinks Icy and Your Hot Pun Steamy

This Might Be Vodka

My Therapist Thinks It?s Water

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy yeti cups ? and that’s pretty close

Hotter than a Yeti’s coat

Ice, Ice, Baby

Hello, it’s tea!

Stay frosty

Available for a limited time only ? the ice in my cup

Sip happens

Life is a journey and coffee is my fuel

Too hot to handle

Iced to perfection

Best kept secret- the contents of my Yeti

It’s not drinking alone if the Yeti is with you

In Yeti, we trust

Mystery liquid

Turned water into ice… Consider me a miracle worker.

Love at first sip

Stay chill, my friends

This Yeti is my spirit animal

Hot Cup, Cool Dude

Yeti or Not, Here I Sip

Yeti, set, go

Yeti to Party

Ice, Ice Yeti

Lower your expectations, raise your glasses

I don’t sweat, I condensate

The secret ingredient is always coffee

Yeti for anything

If it smells like coffee, I’m Yeti

All you need is love and a Yeti

Hiding my favorite drink since (insert year)

Liquid sunshine inside

Don’t touch my Yeti!

This ain’t my first Yeti Rodeo

Yeti to have a good time

Talk Yeti to me.

Sip Happens.

Espresso Yourself.

Blood Type: Coffee.

Champagne Made Me Do It.

Yeti or Not, Here I Drink.

Wake. Pray. Slay.

Liquid Therapy.

Running on Coffee and Cuss Words.

Coffee Now, Adulting Later.

Trust Me, You Can Dance. – Wine.

Sweat Now, Wine Later.

Yoga and Coffee.

Caffeinated and Unmotivated.

Inspirational and Hydrational.

Beauty comes from within… this Yeti.

Will Travel for Coffee.

Cup of Ambition.

It’s Wine O’Clock.

Because Adulting is Hard.

Hot Mess Express.

I Drink Coffee Like a Gilmore.

Of Course Size Matters, No One Wants a Small Cup of Coffee.

But First, Coffee.

Fitness? More like fitness whole cup of coffee in my mouth.

This Might Be Wine.

Caffeinated and Motivated

Adventure Fuel

Morning Brew Crew

Stirred, Not Shaken

Life Happens, Coffee Helps

Iced, Spiced, and Everything Nice

Espresso Yourself

Sip Happens

Stay Cool, Drink Hot

Just Brew It

On Yeti Ice Only

Sippin’ on Sunshine

Keep Calm and Drink On

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk. It could have been Coffee!

Yeti or Not, Here I Sip

Espresso Patronum

Make Pour Choices

Turn Coffee into Code

Brew-tiful Mornings

Brew Can Do It

Yeti to Party

Yeti, Set, Go!

Rise and Grind

Brewed Awakening

Sips Well with Others

In Coffee We Trust

Awake for Every Sip

Liquid Wisdom

Yeti, steady, brew!

Caffeine Queen (or King)

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