Cancer Awareness Slogans for Customized T-shirts

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Cancer Made me a Fighter

I Can-Cer Vive

No One Fights Alone

Cancer Touches Us All

Kicking Cancer’s Ass

Stronger than Cancer

Cancer Can?t Silence Courage

Fear is a Reaction, Courage is a Decision

Stand Up to Cancer

Cancer is Only Going to be a Chapter in My Life

Warrior Not Worrier

Stomp Out Cancer

Cancer Doesn’t Stand a Chance

Hope, Love, Cure

I Wear [Color] For Cancer Awareness

I’m Still Here, Cancer

Cancer Picked the Wrong Diva

Chemo? No Problem!

Fought Like a Girl and Won

I Told Cancer to Buzz Off

Too Tough for Cancer

Cancer?s Tough, but I’m Tougher

Bald, Beautiful, & Beating Cancer

Just Watch Me Beat This

Courage, Above All Things, is the First Quality of a Warrior

Cancer Can Kiss My Butt

I’m Crushing Cancer

Cancer is Cruel, not Me

Beating Cancer One Day at a Time

Cancer, You Picked the Wrong Chick/Dude

Cancer Tried, But I’m Still Fighting.

I Wear It for the Battle.

Cancer Can’t Break Me.

Cancer Warrior:

Cancer Survivor: The Strongest People You’ll Ever Meet.

Cancer Met Its Match.

No Hair, Don’t Care. Fierce Cancer Fighter.

Cancer, You Picked the Wrong Diva.

Cancer Can Kiss This!

I’m Kicking Cancer, One Cell at a Time!

Cancer Touched My Boob. So I Kicked Its Butt!

Even On My Hardest Day, I’m Killing It.

Try It, Cancer. I Dare You.

Bald, Beautiful, and Beating Cancer.

Cancer Isn’t a Death Sentence. It’s a Life Reminder.

Cancer’s Tough, But I’m Tougher.

From Chemo to Champion.

Cancer: Been There, Beat That!

Cancer Fighter – No Retreat, No Surrender.

Shine On, Cancer Survivor.

Courage is My Only Option.

Cancer Picked a Fight with the Wrong Chick.

Cancer Picked the Wrong One

I’m in Remission. Cancer isn’t.

Cancer Doesn’t Stand a Chance

Straight Outta Chemo

Chemo Hair Don’t Care

I Can-cer-vive

Destroy What Destroys You

Cancer Survivor: Tougher than Nails

Don’t Count the Days, Make the Days Count

Cancer? Been There, Beat That

I Wear Pink for the Ones I Love

Cancer Isn?t a Death Sentence. It?s Just One Word in My Life

Cancer Thinks It’s Picked a Fight

Kickin’ Cancer’s Butt, One Day at a Time

Not Today, Cancer

Cancer Touched my Breast, So I Kicked its Butt

Cancer is Just Another Hurdle. Watch Me Jump

Undergoing Cancer Treatment, Smashing Expectations

Fighting Cancer with Attitude and Style

My Best Friends are Chemotherapy and Radiation

I Laugh in the Face of Cancer

Cancer Warrior. Survivor. Thriver.

Surviving Cancer: Nailing It Every Day.

Who Needs Hair With a Body This Fab?

Cancer May Have Started the Fight, But I Will Finish It!

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