Ben Shapiro Quotes

Facts don’t care about your feelings.

The left likes to throw around the word ‘equality’ a lot, but what they really mean is ‘equality of outcome.’

Debate doesn’t require shouting; it requires logic and evidence.

Political correctness is a cancer on society.

Freedom of speech means defending the right to say things we don’t agree with.

Just because someone is offended doesn’t mean they’re right.

Tolerance should be a two-way street.

The left loves to play the victim, but they are often the ones causing the problem.

The idea that we should judge people based on their group identity is the antithesis of individualism.

Racism is a problem, but not every problem is racism.

It’s not about white privilege; it’s about personal responsibility.

The government is not your mommy and daddy; it’s not there to take care of all your needs.

If you’re not willing to work for it, you don’t deserve it.

The best way to combat poverty is through economic freedom.

The United States is the greatest country in the history of the world.

The founding fathers understood the importance of limited government.

We have a legal immigration system for a reason; we should enforce it.

Gun control won’t stop criminals from getting guns, it will only disarm law-abiding citizens.

Socialism sounds great in theory, but it has failed every time it has been tried.

The left’s obsession with identity politics is tearing our country apart.

Capitalism isn’t perfect, but it’s the best system we have.

Education should be about teaching students how to think, not what to think.

I don’t care about your intentions; I care about the consequences of your actions.

Cancel culture is a threat to free speech and open debate.

The left’s obsession with climate change is more about control than it is about saving the planet.

Marriage should be between one man and one woman.

There are only two genders: male and female.

Family values are important for a stable society.

Government should have a limited role in our lives.

The left’s push for big government is driven by a desire for power and control.

The best way to fight poverty is through economic growth, not government handouts.

The left’s idea of ‘social justice’ is really just a form of tyranny.

Individual rights should always come before collective rights.

The idea that the government can solve all our problems is a dangerous illusion.

Political correctness is a threat to free speech and intellectual diversity.

The left wants to create a nanny state where the government takes care of everyone’s needs.

Immigration is a privilege, not a right.

The government should protect our borders and enforce immigration laws.

The left’s obsession with income inequality ignores the fact that wealth is not a zero-sum game.

The left’s push for ‘free’ college and healthcare is really just a push for more government control.

The left’s idea of ‘tolerance’ is often just disguised intolerance.

Socialism fails every time because it ignores the basic principles of economics.

The left wants to divide us into groups and pit us against each other.

The best way to combat racism is through individualism and treating others as individuals, not as members of a group.

The left’s idea of ‘justice’ is often just revenge in disguise.

Capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than any other system in history.

The left’s push for ‘equality’ often leads to a lack of individual freedom and personal responsibility.

The left likes to play the victim, but they are often the ones perpetuating the problem.

Just because something is ‘legal’ doesn’t mean it’s moral, and just because something is ‘illegal’ doesn’t mean it’s immoral.

The left’s push for ‘diversity’ often results in a lack of intellectual diversity and a stifling of dissenting voices.

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