Bad Employee Quotes – When Workers Cross the Line

I only work here for the paycheck, not because I care about the job.

Why bother putting in effort when no one else does?

Mistakes are just a way to keep things interesting.

I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to collect my salary.

If the boss is too busy to notice, why should I bother working harder?

Why meet deadlines when they’re just arbitrary anyway?

I’m not lazy, I just need a lot of breaks to stay motivated.

I’ll do the bare minimum to avoid getting fired.

I don’t know why they hired me, I’m completely underqualified.

I’m not going to take responsibility for something that’s not my fault.

If someone else can do it, why should I?

I’ll take credit for other people’s work if it makes me look good.

The customer is always wrong, they just don’t know it.

I’m not interested in professional growth, just maintaining the status quo.

Why put in extra effort when no one will appreciate it?

I’ll make excuses rather than admit I made a mistake.

Being late is my personal brand.

I’m not going to waste my time on a job that’s beneath me.

If management doesn’t care, then neither do I.

I’ll spend more time on social media than actually working.

I follow the letter of the law, not the spirit.

I’m not going to volunteer for anything, it’s not in my job description.

Why work hard when no one will ever recognize my efforts?

I’ll do the job, but I won’t enjoy it.

I always prioritize personal tasks over work tasks.

I’ll ignore emails and hope they go away.

I’ll pass the buck and blame someone else for my mistakes.

If no one is watching, I can get away with doing nothing.

Why bother finding a solution when I can just complain instead?

I’ll always take the easiest route, even if it’s not the most efficient.

I’ll never go the extra mile unless there’s something in it for me.

I’ll keep my head down and avoid taking on any additional responsibilities.

I’ll gossip about coworkers to distract from my own shortcomings.

Why try to improve when everyone else around me is mediocre?

I’ll pretend to be busy while actually doing nothing.

I’ll constantly make excuses for my lack of productivity.

I’ll always take the path of least resistance.

I’m not going to learn new skills because they’re not relevant to my job.

I’ll always prioritize my personal life over work.

I’ll hide behind company policies to avoid taking initiative.

I’ll sabotage my coworkers to make myself look better by comparison.

I’ll always find a way to pass the blame onto someone else.

I’ll never admit when I’m wrong, even if the evidence is overwhelming.

I’ll take long lunches and breaks to maximize my personal time.

I’ll pretend to be sick to get out of work whenever possible.

I’ll avoid difficult tasks and leave them for someone else to deal with.

I’ll always find an excuse for not meeting deadlines.

I’ll never ask for help, even if I’m completely lost.

I’ll always find a way to cut corners and save myself some effort.

I’ll complain about the work, but never offer any solutions.

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