Amusing Door Hanger Phrases to Brighten Your Day

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Do Not Disturb, Genius at Work!

Sleeping Beauty Inside. Please, No Princes!

Currently Exploring Other Dimensions.

Aliens Welcome, Humans Not So Much.

Come Back Later, I’m in My Bat Cave.

On a Journey to Middle Earth.

Busy Chasing Dreams, Visit Later!

Gone Fishing in the Bathtub.

Please Knock, My Dragon Bites.

I am in Narnia, see you in a century.

Don’t Worry, I’m Probably More Scared of You.

Mind Your Head, I Toss and Turn in My Sleep.

In Search of Bigfoot, Be Back Later.

Sorry, Hanging Out with My Imaginary Friends.

Back at Midnight, Gone to Dance with the Fairies.

I’m in the Upside Down, Be Back by Dawn.

I am Serial Chiller, Beware.

Do Not Disturb, Currently in The Shire.

Be Nice or Leave!

I’m in the Time Machine, Leave a Message.

Trying to Break the Matrix.

Weekend Mode Activated.

Inventing a New Language, Do Not Disturb.

Channeling My Inner Unicorn.

Please Star Trek Quietly.

The Only Rings I Accept are Donuts.

Warning: Construction Zone. Building Dreams Inside.

Gone to Mars, Be Back for Dinner.

Currently Binge Watching Life.

Be Right Back, Meeting with the Avengers.

Just a Sec, I’m on Tiktok!

Go Away or I’ll call the Wifi company!

Door Ninja at Work!

Be right back, in my dreams!

So… you think the door is an app?

Who’s there? Seriously, I’m working!

Do I look like I’m home?

Free doughnuts inside… Just Kidding! Go Away!

Disturb and face the wrath of the snooze button.

Under Quarantine: No Humans Allowed.

I’m not introverted, I just really love my room.

If you can read this, you’re too close to the door.

Today’s forecast: 100% chance of not caring.

Warning: Master Procrastinator Inside

Ignore this door hanger at your own risk.

Ever heard of texting? It’s quieter.

Door broke. Please use window.

Gone out to live. Be back soon… hopefully.

In my defense, I was left unsupervised.

Whatever you do, don’t knock!

Shhh…Brainstorming in progress.

Privacy please. I am planning my next adventure.

Do not disturb. I am in my happy place.

Attention! I am currently busy in a world far away from reality.

Shhh?I’m binge-watching my favorite series.

Beware: Creative genius at work.

Do not knock. If you awake the monster, you deal with it.

Silence please! There’s a book and a cup of coffee waiting for me.

WARNING: Enter at your own risk. Sarcasm may fly out any moment.

Currently building my empire. No solicitors.

Go away! Unless you are delivering pizza.

Do Not Disturb – in the middle of a daydream.

On a journey in the galaxy. Will be back after meeting the stars.

Enter with a smile or don’t enter at all.

No room service needed. Recharging my superpowers.

Unplug zone! Even Wi-Fi needs a break.

Whisper please! Even walls have ears.

Welcome to my sanctuary! Leave worries at the door.

Ring bell for service. Wait for laughter.

Please knock softly. Dreams in progress.

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