Alzheimer’s Quotes: Enlightenment and Empathy in Words

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Alzheimer’s is the cleverest thief, because she not only steals from you, but she steals the very thing you need to remember what’s been stolen. – Jarod Kintz

Those with Alzheimer’s are still here; they just don’t remember.

Alzheimer?s?the most loneliest of diseases, where you slowly disappear in front of your loved ones.

There is no day off from Alzheimer’s. You live with it every day. It doesn’t take a break, and neither do we.

You are still you, no matter how much you forget.

We remember their love when they can no longer remember.

When the world becomes too much and I need a breath of fresh air, I look for my person, forget they’re not there.

Treasure your moments before they become memories.

Alzheimer’s: it’s not about death. It?s about losing the life even before you leave.

Every moment matters, make these moments beautiful because you will be living in them.

Alzheimer?s may take away the memory, but it can’t erase the love.

Alzheimer is a journey where no one can lead, but everyone can follow.

With Alzheimer’s, you’re a perpetual tourist in your own life.

In the world of Alzheimer’s, the days are long, but the years are short.

Words may be forgotten, but feelings remain forever.

A person with Alzheimer’s will forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Behind the cloud of Alzheimer’s, a soul still shines.

Alzheimer?s is like having a broken leg that never heals perfectly?that still hurts when the weather gets cold, but you learn to dance with the limp. – Anne Lamott

She is not disappearing, because I remember her ? with everything I forget.

Every day may not be good, but there are something good in every day.

Alzheimer’s is the cleverest thief, because she not only steals from you, but she steals the very thing you need to remember what’s been stolen. ? Jarod Kintz

Does it bother you that I have Alzheimer’s disease? It doesn’t bother me. I don’t remember anything bad I’ve ever done. ? Ronald Reagan

We are all accustomed to the loss of privacy, but Alzheimer’s is a devious thief, robbing its victims of their memories. ? Patti Davis

You may not remember, but I will never forget. ? Anonymous

Alzheimer strips away your life, not just your memory. ? Bob DeMarco

Alzheimer – the disease that makes you forget everything except love. ? Anonymous

Dementia, it’s like a fog, it hides what’s familiar and old, but love can see through any fog, it’s powerful, strong, and bold. ? Jayne Huddlestone

Love has no age, no limit, and no death. – John Galsworthy (with an allusion to Alzheimer’s)

Remember everything, Alzheimer’s forgot to steal love and hope. ? Anonymous

Every 66 seconds someone develops Alzheimer’s, but every second life goes on with love. ? Anonymous

When life becomes a shadow game, Alzheimer’s can hide the truth, but not the spirit of the soul. ? Dr. Jane F. Genova

The tragedy of dementia is there is no return; there?s no cure or repair, the brain cells are dead, and a person with the disease will ultimately forget how to forget. – David Perlmutter

Alzheimer hijacks identity, but the heart remembers the path of love. – Anonymous.

Alzheimer’s is a journey, not a destination.

There’s no way around grief and loss: you can dodge all you want, but sooner or later you just have to go into it, through it, and, hopefully, come out the other side.

Every day may not be good, but there’s a gift hidden in every day. Even in Alzheimer’s.

You may forget who I am, but I will never forget who you are.

Life is a dance. Mindfulness is witnessing that dance.

Memories may escape, but love endures.

When people with Alzheimer’s can’t remember love, love remembers them.

Alzheimer’s robs the mind, but cannot touch the heart.

Alzheimer’s can take away my memory, but it can’t take away my love.

I am more than my Alzheimer’s.

My history may fade, but my essence is indelible.

Alzheimer’s: A disease that touches everyone, but reveals the strongest hearts.

A journey through Alzheimer’s isn’t easy, but every sunrise brings a day filled with hope.

In the haze of Alzheimer’s, love remains like a beacon of hope.

Even in the shadows of Alzheimer’s, there’s always a place for love to shine.

Alzheimer’s may make us lose ourselves, but we won’t lose each other.

Alzheimer’s takes away a lot, but it can’t take away the power of love.

Yes, Alzheimer’s is cruel. But the resilience of the human spirit is stronger.

Always remember, you are braver than Alzheimer’s.

Love doesn’t count chromosomes, or remember genes. All it knows is it feels good to be close to you.

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