Adorable Valentine Gnome Sayings to Express Love

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Gnome matter what, you’re my Valentine!

You really gnome my heart!

There’s gnome one like you, Valentine!

You are gnome-azing, my Valentine!

I love you from my head tomato-gnome!

Sending you a little gnome magic this Valentine?s Day!

I’m gnome without you, Valentine!

Gnome-body loves you like I do!

Be my gnome-one and only, Valentine!

You gnome, it’s true… I love you!

Garden gnomes have nothing on the magic we share!

Have a charm-filled gnome-antic day, my Valentine!

You’ve gnomed my heart since day one!

Valentine, you?re gnome-tastically special to me!

To my gnome-sweet-gnome this Valentine’s Day!

Gnome matter where I am, my love will always find you!

I?m gnomely in love with you, Valentine!

You are the gnome that lights up my life!

Burrowing my way into your heart, Valentine!

Gnome is where the heart is, and my heart is with you!

Gnome matter what, I’m yours this Valentine’s Day.

Sending gnome but love your way this Valentine’s.

I dig you; you?re gnome-tastic!

Be my gnome, this Valentine?s.

Gnome-one loves you like I do.

Gnome matter where you are, my heart is with you.

I’ve gnome to love you dearly.

You’re gnome-tastically perfect for me!

May your Valentine’s Day be gnome-fully blissful.

I have gnome doubt, we are meant to be.

It’s gnome secret you are my Valentine.

You gnome I’m lost without you.

My heart gnomes for you.

You’ve gnome straight to my heart.

Love you gnome matter what.

With you, Valentine?s is gnome-azing!

There’s gnome-one else I’d rather be with.

Gnome is where the heart is, you have mine.

Gnome your worth, you deserve all the love.

Will you be my gnome-buddy this Valentine’s?

Love is gnome-ing on my heart.

You gnome, you’re my forever Valentine.

There’s gnome place I’d rather be than with you.

Gnome matter what, my love for you is unshakeable.

You have a special gnome in my heart.

I’m gnome without hesitation, that you are my true love.

You?re gnome-thing short of amazing, my Valentine.

I gnome it’s true, I’m made for loving you.

I?m totally gnome over heels for you.

Valentine, you light up my life like a gnome under a full moon.

Valentine, there’s gnome-one like you in this world.

I love you, gnome matter what they say.

My heart is gnome and it belongs to you.

Gnome words can express my love for you.

Just like a gnome, my love for you stands solid.

I will gnome-ly love you and you alone.

You gnome, you stole my heart.

You’re the gnome that lights up my garden of love.

Gnome one else but you can make me feel this way.

Be my Valentine, gnome sayin’?

Feel-Gnome-More, for I am yours.

Valentine, our love is gnome joke.

I’ve gnome to love you more each day.

Gnome-piece of my heart is missing when I’m with you.

You had me at gnome, my Valentine!

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