Adorable Sayings for Baby Onesies

the snuggle is real short sleeve onesie

Straight Outta Timeout

Party At My Crib, 2 A.M

Milk Junkie

I’m Not a Regular Baby, I’m a Cool Baby

Naptime is My Happy Hour

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Born to be Wild

Bald and Proud

Poop, There It Is

Diaper Loading? Please Wait

Hungry, Sleepy, Poopy, Repeat

Chubby, Bald, and Unemployed

Made with Love and Science

Faster Than 4G

I?m My Daddy?s Girl and My Mommy?s World

This is My Selfie Shirt

Gravity Tester

I Still Live With My Parents

Rollin? with My Homies

The Force is Strong with This One

Started From the Belly Now I’m Here

If You Think I’m Cute, You Should See My Mom

Spit Happens

Hello World

My Crib is My Castle.

Every day is a fashion show for me!

Straight from Heaven into Mommy’s/Daddy’s arms.

Wake up, be adorable, repeat.

Sleep like a boss, cry like a boss.

I’m not crying, I’m ordering dinner.

New KID on the Block.

Spit up is my favorite accessory.

Loving the Nap life.

Party in my crib, 2 AM no exceptions.

Half pint.

Daddy’s little buddy.

Shh.. I’m watching the game with Daddy.

Mother’s little miracle.

Cutest alarm clock ever.

Tiny but mighty.

Batteries not included.

Yes, I’m the baby everyone is talking about.

Full of snuggles and love.

Remember my cute, when I wake you up at night!

Smiles & Sleep, a baby’s life.

Born to be wild? until about 9 pm.

Ladies, I have arrived.

Onesies and Overtired, my life story.

Living the dream, one nap a time.

Smiles, selfless, & sleepless: that’s life with me.

Spit-up Happens

Silently Judging Your Parenting

Cute But Troublesome

Straight Outta Timeout

Freshly Squeezed

Just Did 9 Months On The Inside

I’m What Happened In Vegas

Milk Junkie

Future Heartbreaker

Nap King/Queen

Poop Factory


Change My Diaper, Not My DNA

Couch Potato In Training

I Only Cry When Ugly People Hold Me

Party At My Crib, 2 AM

Willing To Trade Siblings For Candy

I’m Not allowed To Date. Ever.

Professional Peek-a-Boo Player

Sugar And Spice, But Not Always Nice

Warning: Known To Flirt In Sleeper Mode

I Love (insert favorite food here) As Much As Mommy

Sleep Is My Superpower

Caution: Messy Eater!

Official Mischief Maker.

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