Adorable and Creative Popcorn Sayings for Any Occasion

printable popcorn label

Just like popcorn, I can’t contain my excitement!

You warm my heart like popcorn popping in a microwave.

Poppin’ by to say I miss you.

You’re the butter to my popcorn.

Just pop it like it’s hot!

You are corn-pletely amazing!

Life is butter when we’re together.

Let’s keep it poppin’!

Kernels of wisdom, kernels of love.

Happiness is a bowl of fresh popcorn.

Some moments are simply pop-ular!

Our love is poppin? just like popcorn.

Keep calm and pop on.

I love you more than a fresh bag of popcorn.

You make my heart pop!

Every popcorn kernel is a burst of joy.

Life is like a bag of popcorn. It’s filled with delicious surprises!

Stay salty, sweet and a bit poppy!

Popcorn ? the snack that never flops.

Popcorn tastes better in your company.

You can’t live a full life on an empty stomach ? grab some popcorn!

Good times and crazy friends make the best memories, and of course, popcorn!

You make my heart pop like 1,000 watts!

I’m just a popcorn in a world of kettle corn.

If you were a popcorn, I’d pop you into eternity!

Popped to perfection, salted to satisfaction.

Happiness is fresh popcorn.

Life is salty, but with popcorn, it?s sweet.

Keep calm and eat popcorn.

Life is better with a bowl of popcorn.

Pop it like it’s hot!

I don’t need an inspirational quote, I need popcorn.

You make my heart pop!

Keep popping, keep rocking!

Here today, gone to maize.

Popcorn: the snack that smiles back.

Crunch time is my favorite time.

Popcorn ? making movies better since forever.

Popcorn, the answer to all your crunch needs.

Buttery, salty, and oh so yummy!

Kid tested, movie lover approved.

The kernel to my heart.

Eating popcorn, one kernel at a time.

Every night is a popcorn night.

Popcorn: the ultimate comfort food.

Popcorn tastes better together.

Life’s a bowl of popcorn, enjoy it while it’s hot!

Let’s get poppin’!

Popping with love and flavor.

Butter me up, and call me popcorn!

You make my heart ‘pop’ like popcorn.

Just like popcorn, I can’t resist you.

Life is like popcorn. It comes in many flavors.

Popcorn: Popping up happiness!

You and I are like popcorn and movies, we go together.

I’m a popcorn kind of person, bursting with joy.

Have a ‘poppin’ good day!

You are the butter to my popcorn!

Without you, life would be as plain as un-popped popcorn.

I ‘kernaly’ believe how much I love you.

Keep calm and have a popcorn.

Salted, sweet, or spicy ? you burst like popcorn in my life.

Popcorn makes everything better.

Life is salty, but with you it?s like sweet popcorn.

You are ‘a-maize-ing’, just like popcorn.

Popcorn: the snack that’s always ‘popping’ during good times!

I love you more than a bucket of popcorn.

Just popping by to say I love you.

You’re my favorite reason to cook popcorn.

Let’s ‘pop’ into love.

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