10 Fascinating Facts About Christmas

Christmas trees were originally decorated with fruits and nuts.

The tallest Christmas tree ever recorded was 221 feet tall.

The first artificial Christmas tree was made in Germany using goose feathers.

The tradition of hanging stockings originated from a story about a poor man who couldn’t afford dowries for his daughters.

The concept of Santa Claus is based on St. Nicholas, a bishop who was known for his generosity.

The world’s largest gingerbread house was built in Texas and measured over 39,000 square feet.

In Norway, it is a tradition to hide all the brooms in the house on Christmas Eve, as it is believed that witches will use them.

Coca-Cola popularized the modern image of Santa Claus through their advertisements in the 1930s.

The world record for the most lights on a Christmas tree is 518,8

The first recorded instance of sending Christmas cards was in 1843 in England.

The poinsettia, a popular Christmas plant, is originally from Mexico.

The tradition of kissing under the mistletoe comes from ancient Norse mythology.

In Japan, it is common to celebrate Christmas by eating KFC, thanks to a successful marketing campaign by the fast-food chain.

The world’s largest Christmas cracker measured over 207 feet long.

The first Christmas stamp was issued by Canada in 1898.

Christmas Day wasn’t an official public holiday in the United States until 1870.

10 Fascinating Facts About Christmas part 2

The character of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was created for a promotional campaign by the department store Montgomery Ward in 19

The world’s largest snowflake ever recorded was 15 inches wide.

The song Jingle Bells was originally written for Thanksgiving, not Christmas.

The tradition of giving gifts on Christmas originates from the biblical story of the Three Wise Men bringing gifts to baby Jesus.

The word Christmas comes from the Old English phrase Cristes maesse, meaning Christ’s Mass.

The candy cane is said to represent a shepherd’s crook and is often associated with Christmas.

In Greece, Saint Basil is the gift-giver instead of Santa Claus.

The largest ever gathering of Santa Clauses met in 2014 in Derry City, Ireland, with 13,000 Santas in attendance.

In Sweden, they celebrate Saint Lucia’s Day on December 13, with a procession of girls wearing white dresses and candles on their heads.

In Poland, it is traditional to place hay under the tablecloth as a reminder of the stable where Jesus was born.

The largest-ever gathering of people dressed as elves took place in London in 2015, with 1,762 participants.

In Australia, they often celebrate Christmas at the beach due to the warm weather during December.

Venezuela celebrates Christmas with roller skating. The roads are usually closed on Christmas Eve to allow people to skate to church.

Finland is said to be the home of Santa Claus, and their post office receives millions of letters addressed to Santa every year.

The world’s largest advent calendar was created in London in 2007 and was 71 meters tall.

Christmas pudding, a traditional dessert in the UK, is often made with 13 ingredients to represent Jesus and his disciples.

In Catalonia, Spain, it is traditional to have a nativity scene with a hidden figure called Caganer, who is depicted defecating.

The town of Santa Claus in Indiana receives thousands of letters to Santa Claus every year and has volunteers who reply to each one.

The first written record of a Christmas tree dates back to a description of a tree in Strasbourg in 1605.

In Italy, it is traditional to serve a fish-based dinner on Christmas Eve, known as the Feast of the Seven Fishes.

The world’s largest Christmas stocking measured over 106 feet long.

In Germany, it is common to celebrate Christmas by attending Christmas markets, where you can find food, drinks, and handmade crafts.

The tradition of hanging mistletoe and kissing beneath it comes from ancient Celtic customs.

In Ukraine, it is traditional to hang spider web decorations on the Christmas tree, as it is believed to bring good luck.

The largest-ever gathering of people wearing Santa hats took place in the UK in 2008, with 8,200 participants.

In South Africa, Christmas falls during the summer, so it is common for people to have a barbecue on Christmas Day.

The first Christmas carol recorded in English was Angels Hymn, written in the 9th century.

In Finland, it is traditional to visit the sauna on Christmas Eve.

The tradition of giving oranges as Christmas gifts originates from St. Nicholas, who would leave gold coins in stockings, which looked like oranges.

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