Positive Affirmations, Rule and Inspiring Quotes #1434

thatonerule: #1434

It is better to be the owner of your silence than the slave of your words.


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The fight is never about grapes or lettuce. It is always about people. We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and

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Life is a carousel, enjoy the ride. Embrace the ups and downs, just like a carousel. Life is like a

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Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room. I believe you have to

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There will always be some people who will try to make your life miserable. Don’t waste your time on them, they’re not worth it.

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Children are more influenced by sermons you act than by sermons you preach.

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You can’t go through life worried about what others think of you. You just gotta be yourself. Sometimes, you gotta

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